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The REC Awards: November 15 - 21, 2015

Well ladies and gents, it is Survivor Series Sunday. Before we see who gets the privilege of defeating Vacant for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, let us Recognize Excellence in Cagesiders.



Everybody loves Cesaro: a report of WWE's live show in Stuttgart, Germany - lepsaxon

Your Weekly Dose of Satire - NothingIsForSure

Reid Flair reference reveals a far larger problem - GuyNamedJason

An Annual Detailed Deconstruction of the Cesaro Conspiracy - benjaminlhp

The Curious Case of Eva Marie - Brigade17

The Quiet End of an Underground Hardcore Legend - Punmaster Flexible



First, Beige Lunatics puns about Cesaro winning a poll. Fun follows

And more Cesaro puns

Larrymentalboy has an idea of who can save the next Royal Rumble. The following comments get....interesting

Larrymentalboy, TotalScrub, and others discuss Seth Rollins getting fucked

Vidence rips the use of Charlotte's late brother on Raw. A discussion follows

One of our resident Dean Ambrose fangirls, LadyBlack, gets excited. Zentrification snarkily replies

suiko has an idea for a Rock appearance. Some crazed fantasy booking follows


Our resident Finn Balor mark, Brigade17, cuts a promo:

GREATEST to EVER live makes a good point about Fallout 4's John Cena mod:

Steve Sypa wins:

The3rdMacManusBrother makes a point about WWE's poll about tonight's tournament finals:

Beige Lunatics tries to pun. rosetoworld responds:

Beige Lunatic responds to Alberto Del Rio's poll result:

bmf1314 discuss Eva Marie's title shot against Bayley. jeffgm, ChrisVannini, and others respond:

innocent1 and Cactus Love channel Jim Ross:

St3WasHere reacts to Brazzers offering Eva Marie a job (note: I was highly debating including this one; against my better judgement, I did because it was funny):

ChrisVannini, Vidence, Veena, and The Amazing A-hole discuss the angle involving Reid Flair:

The so-called Beautiful reacts to something from a Ric Flair interview. Vidence and (Florida) Danny Tuccitto respond:

Geno Mrosko freaks out about Sean Rueter's grading of NXT. Brigade17 responds:

Swanton Bomb notices something:

NothingIsForSure is sure about something:

Frfly responds to a user unhappy about Kevin Owens owning Melissa Joan Hart on Twitter. DallasDriller responds:

b120d13 promos:

jason.silvaportillo and MikeThePatsFan react to Ronda Rousey losing:

Boxingnut4324 slams the Alexa Bliss rumor:

J. Oliver has a question. Statboymonte and Zentrification answer:

Roy Latham died.... has the same question. Entertaining answers follow:

Brigade17 has a wish:

Kane's #1 Director of Operations Mug has a demand. Koko Balian fulfills said demand:

Zhahnruh shares a childhood memory:

Zentrification has a point about the inevitable Jack Swagger/Alberto Del Rio feud:

GooseyGooseAndTheGooseBunch reacts to a Dean Ambrose rumor. Lordban and Otis C. respond:

Drew Nicholas tries to find logic in Rusev's newest tweet:

wobblebomton911 echoes our sentiment:

hitmen99 owns WWE for their statement regarding the use of Reid Flair:

Jon Benne is crazy:

im.escobarlopez tries to give a name for the teams for tonight's traditional elimination match. Jon Benne fulfills request:

JKennedy14 reacts to Triple H's words toward the IWC. Jordan Garretson logically responds:

ChrisVannini has an idea:

Leia Blaze has a question about R-Truth:

jayvantrease24 hits on the best line from MizTV:

Al Buddah gives some thoughts. HeyBudBud corrects him, sparking an apology:

Mighty Jacks has thoughts toward marks:

NeonSpaceman! has some....thoughts. The Amazing A-hole echoes said thoughts:

And finally, Beige Lunatics puns again:


That's it for the REC Awards. Enjoy Survivor Series and see you all next week!

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