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Cesaro reportedly has shoulder injury, surgery could put him out for 4-6 months

Another devastating injury hits the WWE roster.

JP Yim/Getty Images
Update: The news has been confirmed.

Word of the latest WWE injury comes via Jim Ross:

According to sources close to WWE, Cesaro may have torn rotator cuff. If he seeks surgery for this treatment, he could be out of action anywhere from four to six months. This is another horrible injury that comes on the heels of Seth Rollins' knee injury and Randy Orton's shoulder injury. Elsewhere in the midcard, Rusev and Lana are both out while recovering from recent injuries.

While this isn't the worst injury that could happen for WWE at the current time, it's definitely one that will be felt the most by hardcore fans.

Cesaro seemed to be right on the verge of breaking through into the main event scene, especially with his strong showing in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship tournament. Instead, he will be joining his tag team partner Tyson Kidd on the disabled list.

It isn't clear at this time when or how Cesaro's shoulder injury occurred. Regardless, this is awful for the overall WWE product and this rash of injuries is quickly turning into a frightening epidemic.

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