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Eva Marie vs. Bayley for the women's championship set for NXT TV next week

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Immediately following a hard fought match against Alexa Bliss, where she retained her NXT women's championship, Bayley was confronted in the ring by none other than Ms. All Red Everything herself, Eva Marie. The fans reacted negatively at first, but weren't all that loud about it.

Until she tried to speak.

"I had to come out here..."

She had to stop because the boos were so loud no one could hear her. They didn't stop either, so she turned and blew the crowd a kiss. When she tried to get her lines out again, they booed her even more. Finally, she'd had enough.

"Be quiet, you little dorks."

Moment of the year.

Even Bayley had to ask them to quiet down just so she could hear what Eva wanted to say.

"I had to come out here and let all you guys know the inevitable is happening. Bayley, next week you are going to defend the women's championship title in a one-on-one match verse (sic) me."

It's happening, you little dorks. Deal with it.