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John Cena's new Fox project is a military-themed competition show called 'American Grit'

The reason why the face that runs the place is taking time off has finally been revealed.

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Deadline reports that WWE icon John Cena's new reality competition show is called American Grit and will debut its first 10-episode season next year. The details:

Set to report to TVs in 2016, the show from Pawn Stars producer Leftfield Pictures will split 16 men and women into four teams that must work together to conquer a variety of military-grade and survival-themed challenges.

The network says the series will embody the military ethos "no man left behind," because only the first team to complete the challenges together is safe from elimination. Each episode will culminate in "The Circus," an endurance-based obstacle course designed to break the weakest competitors. With up to $1 million in prize money at stake, it's the ultimate test of strength, grit, the human spirit and teamwork.

Cena has been closely tied to the United States armed forces since around the time he starred in the first installment of The Marine franchise and has paid tribute to the troops on a nightly basis since at least 2011. American Grit will feature four ex-military team "mentors" including a Navy SEAL and an Army Ranger sniper.

"The U.S Military is the epitome of resolve and dedication, which is why I am so excited to be a part of American Grit," said Cena, who's repped by ICM Partners. "This show will not only be a challenging and fierce competition, but it will give viewers a glimpse into the perseverance and training of the men and women of the Armed Forces."

Read the full story over at Deadline.

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