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The REC Awards: November 8 - 14, 2015

Well, after what has certainly been a trying week for the world, let's relax and Recognize Excellence in Cagesiders.



The Curious Case of Roman Reigns - Barry Hess

Vampiro and the Bloody Rise of Pentagon Jr. - mrsilentg



First, jozymozy, Kane's #1 Director of Operations Mug (abbreviated as Kane's...Mug from this point on), and others gush over the awesome Sheamus vs Cesaro match from Raw.

C-Note86 points out a fun fact. kmtierney responds

Zhahnruh examines WWE's options. TotalScrub responds and starts a rhyme

ThePollux8 responds to a rumor about Tyler Breeze. Various rage-filled reactions follow


A few people react to Alberto Del Rio's horrendous tweet about Mex-America's haters:

I .R. Smrt, Huglife, and Brigade17 put faith in Del Rio's opponent for Monday:

blueandorange4life hits a sad truth:

BrianMyers makes a review of Big E's party services:

tkatt00 has a question. Ravie30 responds:

Beige Lunatics has an idea:

mbutcher2523 and kmtierney discuss the wrong way to get someone over:

The Amazing A-hole has a true statement:

Grouchylink has a question regarding Tommy Dreamer's proposed ECW angle:

TD70, jason.silvaportillo, A bringer of bad news, and Zentrification react to Billy Gunn getting canned:

BrianMyers reacts to some LOLHOGAN about Kevin Owens:

Brigade17 questions WWE messing with the crowd mics:

Flashking makes a good point:

Sandow's Superior explains Cageside Seats to a new user:

MikeThePatsFan reacts to something Kevin Owens did:

BrianMyers reemphasizes something that we may have missed:

The Dirty Harry G and NothingIsForSure give props to Kevin Owens' message for Paris:

Zentrification and Larrymentalboy discuss WWE supernatural. Trout Jefferson notices something:

Kane's...Mug speaks some ironic truth:

GooseyGooseAndTheGooseBunch (now abbreviated GooseyGoose from this point on) reacts to a rumor. Nightslayer Dan and Jay Bickford respond:

Zentrification reacts to a Roman Reigns rumor. Brigade17, TotalScrub, and GooseyGoose respond:

thisisjustaride questions a rumor and provides evidence:

Rivan King, Cactus Love, and JBL's Other Boy discuss Tyler Breeze:

MikeThePatsFan reacts to a rumor:

TotalScrub rages:

Jenzel Washington gives a correction to a rumor:

Zentrification tells us about the real Mr. Money in the Bank. Mighty Jack, Kane's Mug, and others respond:

Dr. Evil's Anonymous Henchman nails it:

I Like Your Gimmick Kid has a question:

RamJam898 has an idea:

random_fan reacts to Undertaker tombstoning a turkey:

And finally, ReverendKain makes a point about Cesaro. SivadHsoj responds:


That's it for this week's REC Awards. Tune in next week for more insanity.

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