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Daniel Bryan has an interesting theory why indy wrestlers get over where WWE-created stars struggle

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As we enter into the latest cycle of hand-wringing about Roman Reigns as WWE's top he ready? will fans rebel against any Vince McMahon-endorsed guy? what does a future where he plays John Cena's role on Raw look like?...the last WWE champion who was almost universally cheered is doing public relations work while waiting for a green light to come back from concussion issues.

Daniel Bryan spoke to Wrestling Inc while in India promoting WWE Network's launch and the company's upcoming live shows there and he expressed an interesting theory about why it is that someone like Kevin Owens is thriving in today's WWE while a guy like Roman hasn't been able to maintain momentum with some fans:

I think it's a natural evolution of what happens.

Because, RAW right now is three hours long, right? So what happens is, before, when RAW was two hours, you didn't see many long matches, and there were separate brands. There was RAW and Smackdown!, and you didn't see people on both shows very often.

Well now, we have a three hour RAW and two hour Smackdown!, so guys are wrestling long matches on both shows. And who're going to stand out on that kind of platform? Guys who know how to be different in the ring, who can go out there and wrestle a 10, 12, 15 minute match twice a week, and not have the fans get bored by it.

Because realistically, if you take wrestlers from the previous generations, and if they had wrestled as much on television as we have, they would be over exposed. But then, you won't like them as much.

That's one of the biggest battles our generation faces; the previous generations' battle was getting exposure, trying to get exposure. Now our battle is over exposure, and those who can handle over exposure the best are the ones who are popular, and incidentally, people who handle over exposure are the ones who've spent years wrestling in all the different places. So they know how to interact with people in different settings, and that kind of stuff.

So I think it is natural that the independent stars are the people coming up and doing very well.

Check out the whole interview for D-Bry's thoughts on Kane, William Regal and another (unfortunately no-news) update on his status.

What do you think about his theory? Is being brought up exclusively in the WWE system a hinderance for performers who suddenly have to come up with ways to be entertaining two or more times a week, 52 weeks a year?