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The Zentrification REC Awards: October 25 - 31, 2015

After what feels like an eternity, we have finally experienced an awesome week of WWE programming with two excellent televised shows and a decent pay-per-view with Hell in a Cell. Here's to hoping that they keep it up.

I should explain why I am naming these REC Awards after Zentrification. Well, I have always had a stipulation that if you go to a WWE taping AND you make a sign that says "BaconStrips", you get the RECs named after you. He did just that, and the "BaconStrips" sign made it on TV multiple times along with a couple others that we'll see in a bit. So congrats to Zentrification, and kudos to WWE for making me happy.

Now on to the RECs...



John Cena is the Most Overrated Wrestler of 2015 - BlackjackXXI

The Boss and WWE: A Polemic - andrewmswift

Total Divas Made Me A Wrestling Fan - caitlynah12

Summer Rae’s Irrational Fear of Being Alone - ThingsandStuff

My First Wrestling Event Ever - SmackDown - Zentrification

The Blood of a Dangerous Queen - Barry Hess

An Apology to Nikki Bella - LadyBlack

Turning Dean Ambrose Heel Would Be Lunacy - ctre6

Unlikely Tag Teams - NothingIsForSure



First, Dr. Evil's Anonymous Henchman brings up the rumor about The Young Bucks signing somewhere. Most people are willing to give their money except for one TheMozgovCocktail...

Punk is Dead, The DunktownExpress, and others react to there being nothing for Dean Ambrose

Tonya Rodgers reacts to a rumor. WWEthinksCenaisGoku responds with a request, and the corrections begin...


Zhahnruh has a name for Alberto Del Rio:

Dean's Ham Bros has a question about ADR's surprise clean win. Brigade17 responds:

SelasDray reacts to John Cena and Nikki Bella's Halloween costumes:

Flashking has a question about the women's match from Hell in a Cell. Vidence answers:

drock1331 has a theory. Vidence responds:

jozymozy gives the highlight of the HIAC pre-show:

akenson breaks down Hulk Hogan's final WCW contract:

Frfly presents the best thing ever. 4202_Glaze_It responds:

The Notorious Eddie Mac has a question. Zentrification responds:

Magnus Magnolius raves about this week's NXT tag match:

Drew Nicholas has a question. ReverendKain has an answer:

kmtierney has a demand regarding a new Kevin Owens shirt:

KennyPowersforPope makes a true statement:

TheMozgovCocktail and Face Off react to a great Raw:

Koko Balian, andrewmswift, parksandwrex, and Mighty Jack react to Team Eurotrash:

Big_Rew22 has a theory about Raw:

KiniskiFan has a sad truth bomb:

Koko Balian imagines the ending to Raw. Mighty Jack and TheDunktownExpress respond:

TheDunktownExpress and iamnotacola discuss inevitabilities:

Jomosensual questions something. sun yue responds:

riddler182 reacts to a rumored return:

Jomosensual has another inevitability:

Roy Latham has an idea about the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Decepticon: LockDown, Flashking, Sir Frederick, and The Amazing A-hole respond:

Frfly makes a metaphor:

Brigade17 reacts to Rusev getting injured. Otis C. responds:

TheMozgovCocktail has a demand. Zentrification responds:

A bringer of bad news has a theory regarding Sasha Banks:

ThePollux8, Plan R, and Tonya Rodgers react to Roman Reigns vs Kevin Owens:

kayfabe queen wins:

Zentrification celebrates:

Next up are a few suggested tag team combinations and names:

And finally, JBL's other boy reacts to Vince McMahon being mad at a bloody Undertaker and Brock Lesnar. Others respond:


That's it for this week's REC Awards. Tune in next week for more stuff.

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