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Relax everybody...Sasha Banks and Bayley super-fan Izzy totally made up after The Boss made her cry at WWE NXT TakeOver: Respect

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Last night at NXT TakeOver: RespectSasha Banks pulled off a heel move for the ages when she screamed at Bayley's biggest fan Izzy, and even stole her headband to mock The Hugster before hurling it back at the little girl - who at that point was in tears in her father's arms.

Who knows if Izzy and her family were in on it...the half-smile on her dad's face makes it look like at least a few of them were, but if the kid can cry on command, give her an Emmy (or at least a Slammy) right now...but either way, it was an awesome moment in night of awesome moments.

Anyone who's been following NXT over its growth from Hulu-exclusive show that no one watched to the hottest thing in the internet wrestling community (IWC) knows that kayfabe kind of goes out the window as soon as the match ends (unless your name is Kevin Owens). You only have to look at pictures of Sasha and Bayley hugging, or watch their mutual admiration in the Fallout video, to know that.

So it's not at all surprising to know that Izzy and The Boss made up. Live reports had Banks giving the youngster the flowers she'd been given by Triple H, and a tweet from her dad shows that the family has those in a nice vase. And that everybody's favorite Bayley-fan has a sense of humor ready for tonight's tapings:

And she surely did bring that sign to Full Sail:

No word on if Sasha is there to see it, or if she's back on the road with the main roster. Thanks to Twitter, she'll definitely get the message.

Once you get past the Jim Cornette-esque reaction, this just makes a cool story even cooler, though, right?