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The REC Awards: Sept. 27 - Oct. 3, 2015

Welp, another week has passed and that means another week of convoluted storylines, ludicrous booking, and a great episode of NXT. Now, for the RECs.



5 Wrestlers You Need to Get Into (If You Haven't Already) - GrecoRomanGuy

Bayley and The Boss - andrewmswift

The NXT Women's championship is the most well-booked title in WWE - ctre6

Shifting The Spotlight Special: NXT Nashville - J.K. McMillen


Comments (link to album)

First, The Notorious Eddie Mac has an idea, and fun follows until Gringo Sin Pantalones wins

Koko Balian, Larrymentalboy, and other react to the excellent brawl between Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns

PowerProShiner has a question. dreadpool, Koko Balian, and others answer

thisisjustaride reacts to Raw

Brigade17 tries to cheer us up following Carmella's injury. darkstar7646, Ravie30, and others respond


crosschicken facewing makes a correction as to why the Four Horsewomen aren't in WWE 2K16:

Chris Damasceno shares some props with andrewmswift. The Bong from Tamland, andrewmswift, and The Amazing A-hole respond:

vishnu_nuttsky has a warning. TonyMAC and The Amazing A-hole respond:

signor drops something:

TheMozgovCocktail reacts to a scary idea:

luketheduke03 has an idea. Brigade17, Zentrification, and Prince Moxley Lopez respond:

Hauler reacts to a quote:

Kyle Decker has an idea for a match:

HubcapDave figures out the relationship between Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns:

Rivan King also reacts to the cuddle moment. Zhahnruh and Jeff Dunn respond:

JBL's Other Boy connects the dots. Zentrification responds:

lauren.rae sums it up"

Kyle Decker responds to a possible DDP storyline. RedZephyr responds:

anthony.dewayne.mack spots a little typo:

RedZephyr also catches the error. EBGarnet responds:

Magnus Magnolius reacts to John Cena taking time off. TheLunaticBinge goes sour, prompting responses from Decepticon : LockDown and El Gato Pollo Loco:

Huglife, Kevin Kostka, and 420_Glaze_It give possible reasons as to why Cena is taking time away:

Zentrification has a person to insert into the Lana/Big E Twitter spat. That Tricep Meat responds:

Vendri, Magnus Magnolius, and dfalsey react to NEW! DAYSOCKS!:

Yourroleandyou time travels:

jsims2 has a question:

Zombie Shakespeare does some art:

My Big Mouth, Ken Fabian, MakeStrongLookReallyRomanReigns, and M. GOMEZ react to some new Pez dispensers:

ThePollux8, SomePunkKidd, and others debate the best feuds of the year:

jozymozy reacts to one of Raw's backstage moments:

lofrothepirate grades Raw:

Zhahnruh proposes a study:

kmtierney and Ken Fabian react to Roman Reigns owning on SmackDown:

ominousclaves quotes a "no shit, Sherlock" moment:

crosschicken facewing reacts to Reigns' promo, prompting a question from Otis. C:

MCAngulo has a site idea:

ThePollux8 and TotalScrub remember TNA:

Rivan King reacts to a rumor:

Flashking presents an offer:

MrZiggles reacts to a TNA change. Raging Jericholic responds:

MCAngulo sees opportunity with a NXT/Raw crossover:

Flashking, SomePunkKidd, and others react to the obligatory "Cesaro is in the doghouse" rumor:

jeffgm makes a clarification about said doghouse. The Amazing A-hole and Zhahnruh respond:

Cain A. Knight tries to figure out the inspiration of the HR storyline:

Zhahnruh has the perfect GIF for Cesaro:

TheNewMovement84 memes. TheDunktownExpress and Zentrification respond:

Brigade17 reacts to a hopeful rumor. ThePollux8, Zentrification, and Kevin Kostka respond:

TheGoose01 provides just one of many reactions to a Sasha Banks rumor:

RobertONeill31 responds to Bayley's and Sasha Banks' essay:

So does sherlock1854:

Jacob Vantrease reacts to some spoilers:

Zhahnruh does some editing:

drock1331 notices something about Slater Appreciation Day:

MakeStrongLookReallyRomanReigns, The Amazing A-hole, MikeThePatsFan, and treble1313 react to Undertaker's house getting TP'd:

ThePollux8 captions a Total Divas GIF:

ThingsandStuff sees the Total Divas finale a different way:

SJPhillyVT comments on Finn Balor owning TNA. Anotherfakewrestlingaccount, Sean Rueter, sheepmask, and Prince Moxley Lopez respond:

King Blueberry questions Finn Balor's clothing decisions. Brigade17 and NeonSpaceman! respond:

Chi-Fed does some scolding:

pxmonkee gets on Finn a bit. Raging Jericholic, BurningHeart, and AntonSirius respond:

Conor Dowley makes a note for TNA's "response". Frfly, LoneStranger, and Geno Mrosko respond:

The Amazing A-hole and CactusDudeJack react to some Total Divas stuff:

Sandow's Superior freaks out:

And finally, Rusev SethRollinsChairShot reacts to Dolph Ziggler's new shirt. The_Voice_Of_Treason responds:


That's it for this week's REC Awards. Tune in next week for more!

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