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Finn Bálor dressed as CM Punk, and all the wacky goodness of WWE NXT Halloween

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Thotty 2 Hotty on Twitter

Let's just open with the money shot from last night's WWE NXT live event in Gainesville, Florida, where the crew of the "don't call it Developmental" brand went all in on Halloween.

Yes, that's right, it NXT champion Finn Bálor as The Best in the World, UFC contracted fighter and Marvel Comics writer CM Punk...

Better than the TNA troll job? I'll leave that up to you ghouls and goblins to decide.

Why is Women's champ Bayley rocking baggy sweats in that pic? It's hard to tell without the head gear, but it's because she won the costume contest to become General Manager for a night (while William Regal recovers from neck surgery) as a Lego person...

Want to see something sick? Not only does that monkey have a great nickname, but the banana was in the Olympics. The. Olympics.

Honestly not sure who this, but major props for going as an Eddie Guerrero-mocking Bork Laser:

And I guess tag champ Aiden English isn't kidding when he brags about his acting chops:

I can't figure out all the players or the costumes, but have it, Cagesiders:

Happy Halloween!