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WWE Hell in a Cell 2015 results: Cesaro, Neville & Dolph Ziggler fly to big win on Kickoff show

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The original plans for a Wyatts vs. Shield spin-off match were scratched due to Randy Orton's shoulder issues. With that tag off the table, WWE went the route of putting six of their most popular acts who weren't busy doing anything else in a tag match for the Kickoff show.

Babyfaces Dolph Ziggler, Cesaro & Neville were out first, and commentary was sure to play up The Show-Off's new feud with NXT's Tyler Breeze that started on SmackDown, and the camera found Stardust & The Ascension in the crowd mocking The Swiss Superman's fan "section" with signs of their own.

Sheamus, teaming with King Barrett & Rusev, started off against the high-flying Neville, and the smaller Brit immediately popped the crowd with his usual offense - and tagged in Cesaro so he could hit a moonsault off his partner's back.

But an Irish whip grounded The Man Who Gravity Forgot, and set him up as the guy the heels would work over for the next few minutes of the match.

A tag to Ziggler gave us a near fall after a Fame-Asser, but the pin was broken up, and The Bulgarian Brute used the opening to super-kick his fiancee's ex to send up to "commercial" (for Breaking Ground - watch episode one here). When we return to action Barrett was punishing Dolph, but could not finish him.

Rusev went head first into the ring post after Ziggler dodged a splash, allowing for hot tag Cesaro to come in and European uppercut the 2015 King of the Ring several times, Cannonball onto Barrett on the floor and then give Europeans to both of the other heels on the floor before almost pinning the former Nexus leader with a splash.

The immense amount of talent in the match really took over at that point, with Neville flying over Cesaro's back onto Sheamus & Rusev, Dolph superkicking Barrett into a Giant Swing, setting up The Red Arrow for the finish.

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