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WWE Hell in a Cell 2015 results: Roman Reigns conquers Bray Wyatt

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It was the end of a five month long feud - itself just another layer on a rivalry that has been going on for almost two years. Bray Wyatt entered without any of his Family, and headed to the Cell where he would try to ensure that the next face of WWE was indeed anyone but Roman Reigns.

The Big Dog entered through the Los Angeles crowd, and stalked his way around the cage before entering to climb the ropes while a referee locked the doors behind him. Reigns went on the offensive immediately, and even when Wyatt seemed to be a move ahead - like when he dodged a Drive By apron drop kick - Roman still managed to inflict punishment.

Until The Eater of World emerged from under the ring with a kendo stick. Even when he got a chair, Wyatt didn't use it to attack his opponent immediately, instead sitting on it while taunting Reigns while smacking him with the weapon.

Bray set the chair and stick into the chain link fence...items that came into play when Roman's head was put through the kendo, and Wyatt was sent face first into the chair.

That let the Powerhouse retreive two kendo sticks from under the ring, wailing on his nemesis before getting a couple of tables and setting them up on the floor. As often is the case with plunder, Reigns' plans were foiled when he was side-slammed from the apron through one of them. Bray couldn't turn that into a pinfall, but was back in control.

Eventually, after taking more punishment, Roman was able to return the favor when he countered a second rope suplex attempt to powerbomb Wyatt through a table that Bray had set up.

Both men looked spent, but were still able to attempt to exhange finishers. A Superman punch could not earn three for Reigns...and that's when that other table on the floor came back into play. The Big Dog Speared Wyatt off the apron through the wood. That spot left Bray looking unconsious and Roman looking woozy (his head connected on the landing) but by the time he'd rolled him into the ring, he again could only get two.

Another Spear attempt met with Wyatt's boot, who quickly capitalized to hit Sister Abigail, but after Reigns got his shoulder up at the last possible second, Bray could only laugh. And grab some kendo sticks. But setting those up to impale Roman still didn't work out for The Eater of Worlds, as he went face first into one of them, took another Spear and was finally pinned.

What's next for either man? We'll know more tomorrow night.

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