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The REC Awards: October 18 - 24, 2015

After what actually feels like a long time, it's time for another pay-per-view with Hell in a Cell. Before we watch what is guaranteed to be a mess, let us enjoy some REC Awards.

Now guaranteed 100% interference free!



The Future of Pro Wrestling Journalism - Barry Hess

Year of the Boss: A case for Wrestler of the Year - Zhahnruh

Nikki vs Charlotte: Why you don't care - TonyM4C



First, Zhahnruh, Rewster211, and others examine Rusev's upcoming discography

D.E.O. reminds us of the greatest heel moment of this generation. Veena and others respond

Jenzel Washington reminds us of those who will be taking time off. GrecoRomanGuy and many others start a long conversation over who will reign tall

TheGoose01 reacts to a Sheamus rumor. Jomosensual, VertEgo, and others respond


RipleyBishop, Zentrification, and others react to Becky Lynch being awesome:

Christopher Novak, DeadmanMark, and others react to Tyler Breeze making his real main roster debut on this week's SmackDown:

luchagato has a request regarding Cameron not appreciating the Performance Center. Hasukawa fulfills said request:

who me shows a Cameron hater. fortek13 responds:

Roy Latham corrects WWE regarding "revolution":

Christopher Novak laughs at a list:

SelasDray expresses shock followed by disappointment:

Face Off reacts to the Luke Harper fan club. M. GOMEZ responds:

Tonya Rodgers sums up said fan club. CactusDudeJack and AntonSirius respond:

ziggy7570 has a question. Zentrification and treybeez answer:

Armads responds to a FanPost regarding kayfabe:

Jenzel Washington reminds us of Kelly Kelly:

Cactus Love reacts to Madusa's words regarding Nikki Bella. Jenzel Washington responds:

wdmitchell24 shares a reaction to The New Day's new shirt:

Zentrification reacts to the Denver Nuggets' new sign:

SethRollinsChairShot makes an accusation. The Amazing A-hole, Zentrification, and others respond:

Vidence has an idea:

Epic Dean has an idea for tonight's US Title Open Challenge:

Doug E. Fresh also has an idea:

treble1313 has the real answer:

Dr. Evil's Anonymous Henchman and The Amazing A-hole react to Randy Orton going AWOL:

JBL's hat shares an experience:

ominousclaves shares a thought that should have happened:

Zentrification reminds everyone of my heel status. Zhahnruh responds to another GIF:

innocent1 gives the perfect reaction to Cameron being prissy:

So do Flashking, Brigade17, and a few others:

Brigade17 and Zentrification have ideas for Tyler Breeze's debut:

MikeThePatsFan reacts to a DVD rumor. TheDunktownExpress, Brigade17, and Dr. Evil's Anonymous Henchman respond:

Cain A. Knight envisions Rusev's punishment. Zentrification and Lordban respond:

Larrymentalboy reacts to a BAD rumor. YodaMcMahon, Gajeel, and HailBreezus respond:

Zentrification gets those feels:

Magnus Magnolius has a marvel idea. The Amazing A-hole and others respond:

Kevin Kostka reacts to a Rumor Roundup. TheGoose01 responds:

Zentrification has a sad truth. The Amazing A-hole responds:

RealRobWolkey reacts to an out-there rumor. Jomosensual and Christopher Novak respond:

Jomosensual, Punk is Dead, commanderct32886, and Bill Chams react to Orton's injury:

ChrisVannini has a comparison to Sasha Banks being a supposed heel. alexdgreenfield responds:

Huglife makes a great comparison as well:

MakeStrongLookReallyRomanReigns makes a correction to an article:

Zhahnruh shows us the power. TheDannyBaxter responds:

Flashking reacts to a SmackDown spoiler with an idea. Magnus Magnolius responds:

Danger Zone posts an appropriate pic:

SomePunkKidd has a wish:

Veena asks a good question. alexmonro83 responds:

Suplex Power has a highlight of SmackDown:

KennyPowersforPope reacts to Finn Balor vs Sheamus. Sean Rueter realizes his incompetence and gets fired:

kmtierney reacts to James Storm debuting on NXT:

SomePunkKidd imagines Seth Rollins as Divas Champion:

akenson sums it up:

And finally, Drew Nicholas sums up the pic with Seth Rollins and Charlotte:


That's it for this week's REC Awards. Enjoy Hell in a Cell, and see you all next week for more smartassery.

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