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WWE Hell in a Cell 2015 results: Charlotte submits Nikki Bella to retain the Divas championship

Despite the fact that everyone was assuming that Charlotte would retain her title, WWE announced on the Hell in a Cell pre-show that Team Bella and whoever is currently aligned with the champ would be banned from ringside.

It's the kind of thing that usually favors the babyface, but since she was already favored...

Maybe Creative forgot that former champ Nikki Bella is a heel, just like she sometimes does.

Anyway, the action started fast and furious, resulting in the champ getting her nose bloodied and Bella working Charlotte's back in an attempt to stop her Figure 8 submission. They even made a point of the fact that the Divas champ couldn't execute a suplex as a result.

A big boot got the champ back in the action, and then a couple of vicious spots (one, an apron Alabama Slam, from Nikki to Charlotte went well; another, a countered superplex that saw Bella land on her head) kept the action going. During that, the former champ was able to reach the ropes on one Figure 8 attempt, but not on a second, and was forced to tap.

Everything is alright with PCB, for tonight at least, since Paige and Becky Lynch were quickly out to congratulate her.

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