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Batista talks 'disorganized' WWE

As the release date for Spectre, Dave Bautista's next supporting role in a blockbuster franchise, approaches, we can expect to hear and read more from the guy we once affectionally called The Animal. Or less affectionally Boo-tista. Or afectionally and sarcastically Blue-tista.

Can you tell I miss the guy?

Anyway, Latin Post published an interview with him this week where he talked about not only playing the villainous Mr. Hinx in the new James Bond film, but the transition from pro wrestler to actor. And a couple of his answers made me even more discouraged than I already was that he'll ever return to the squared circle.

The big soundbite that will get thrown around the internet comes when Bautista is asked about his experience working on big budget pictures like Spectre and Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. He compares them to smaller films, and his previous employer...

I noticed that conditions are better on bigger budget films, but I don't mind roughing it once in a while if the quality of the material is there. I can get used to some disorganized stuff. I was with WWE and everything was always disorganized there.

He doesn't use the "quality of material" opening to discuss his thoughts on WWE Creative, so that's almost progress. And when you consider what the company accomplished in terms of quantity of live and televised programming they pull off each week, it's unsurprising and almost a compliment to note that they do it with some level of disorganization.

One of the things that drives WWE's disorganization is undoubtedly their travel schedule, and it's in comparing the difference between working on a Bond flick versus Guardians that Bautista reveals an opinion that might present a bigger obstacle to a WWE comeback than issues with his wrestling character:

...that was the big difference with "Guardians" and it was something that took a little while to get used to. We would be moving to a different country and then a different location in that same country. And then to another country and then to the studio. It was insane and it beat me up a bit because I wasn't used to it. It wasn't something that I wanted to do on every project, but it was a great experience. It is something that makes "Bond" films so special. There is an international feel to them.

I'm guessing that a WWE travel schedule wouldn't feel quite as special to the 46 year old at this point in his career.

There's still hope for a one-shot WrestleMania retirement angle someday, though, right? Right?

Check out the full interview for more from Big Dave, and please use the space below to tell me we'll hear "I Walk Alone" in the future, somewhere other than a Hall of Fame induction.

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