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Report: Randy Orton out with shoulder injury

The latest on Randy Orton and his absence from both last night's Raw and the previous weekend's WWE Live events in Mexico is that he is awaiting an MRI on a damaged shoulder.

Wrestling Observer Radio discussed the situation this morning, and it turns out the 12 time WWE champ has been working with a lingering shoulder injury for a while. He dislocated it last week, and as a result, has to have it dealt with sooner rather than later. The MRI will determine if needs surgery, and for how long he'll be out.

In addition to forcing re-writes of The Viper's angle with Dean Ambrose and The Wyatt Family (which resulted in the newly booked kickoff match for this Sunday's Hell in a Cell pay-per-view (PPV)), having a Superstar with Orton's resume on the shelf at the same time as John Cena is scheduled to be off for more than a month and Brock Lesnar's dates have been used up for the year will force Creative to use some new faces.

It's expected that we'll be getting a heavy dose of Roman Reigns and Ambrose as top faces for the rest of 2015.