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The REC Awards: October 11-17, 2015

Yet again, it is Sunday following yet another mostly forgettable wrestling week. Time for some RECs



Perfect 10: Before they were Divas - signor

Dear WWE: Stop the infighting - The Amazing A-hole

The Real Problem with Mainstream Acceptance for Wrestling - LtKubi

Rise Above Pink - ScarlettEHarris

One fan's experience at a Mick Foley show - GL_Dread

Evolve 49 Recap - ReverendKain



First, Punk is Dead, The Amazing A-hole, and others talk about John Cena's vacation

The_Voice_of_Treason expresses desire for a WWE kart racer. crosschicken facewing has a conversation starter, and hilarity ensues

ThePollux8, Decepticon : LockDown, Jomosensual, and TD70 react to the quarterly "Cesaro is boring" rumor

So does TheDunktownExpress

Jomosensual, Zhahnruh, JimmyV723, and others react to Alberto Del Rio possibly returning to WWE


ThingsandStuff expresses confusion:

Tonya Rodgers sums up WWE:

A bringer of bad news brings good news about the Team BAD vs The New Day drag race:

N.P.C.C. calls out an inaccuracy. D.E.O. fixes it:

LadyBlack does some thinking:

Zhahnruh tells us something that happened after someone took a picture of Cameron:

South of Heaven freaks out:

M. GOMEZ has news:

JMizdow reacts to Eva Marie having a good(?!) match with Bayley:

420_Glaze_It reacts to Hulk Hogan wanting another match:

Zentrification reacts to the FanPosts about WWE's infighting problem:

Huglife compares WWE and NXT from a fan view:

rancho king fixes the title of an article:

Matthew Roth marks a moment. Zentrification and Larrymentalboy respond:

Ravie30 has a question. Zentrification and Al Buddah respond:

SelasDray has a reaction to Lana and Rusev getting engaged. Rivan King responds:

The Notorious Eddie Mac does some culture comparison:

Chi-Fed has a very good question. darkstar7646 and maslinski respond:

SelasDray has a message from the newly-engaged couple:

kmtierney gives a sadly probable prediction. TheMozgovCocktail and The Amazing A-hole respond:

mbutcher2523 reacts to Maria Kanellis possibly returning to WWE:

King Blueberry has a question for Sean Rueter. Sean and Kyle Decker respond:

drock1331 has an idea for NXT Kids. Plan R and eddyreyna2 respond:

Yourroleandyou spots an issue with Nia Jax's debut:

The Amazing A-hole and C. Priest Brumley react to Paige tormenting Kevin Owens:

anthony.dewayne.mack drops something off. BigDaddy-O! responds:

warmech echoes our sentiments:

TheMozgovCocktail reacts to a bad Raw:

signor makes a sad observation:

Flashking reacts to a fun TNA rumor:

Zentrification has an idea for the Scott Hall documentary. The Amazing A-hole, kmtierney, and jacobrgroman respond:

SomePunkKidd, The Amazing A-hole, and Dr. Evil's Anonymous Henchman realize what's behind the James Storm situation:

TD70 reacts to a pathetic rumor:

Flashking has a message to Vince McMahon. The Notorious Eddie Mac and Zentrification respond:

Zentrification and Brigade17 react to the obligatory Cesaro rumor:

Prince Moxley Lopez posts a rumor of his own:

Flashking has an uncanny reaction:

Zentrification reacts to the Roman Reigns rumor:

The Amazing A-hole, Jomosensual, Dr. Evil's Anonymous Henchman, and Face Off react to Alberto Del Rio possibly returning to WWE:

TheMozgovCocktail posts a VERY relevant meme regarding ADR in WWE:

Brigade17 freaks out about a rumor. andrewmswift and CMDrunk respond:

Jenzel Washington and The Boss Ain't Ratchet react to a call-up rumor:

SethRollinsChairShot points out some dramatic changes. TD70 and Larrymentalboy respond:

Plan R tells us what really happened to Natalya. parksandwrex responds:

Craig_Barcus and NothingIsForSure react to Seth Rollins and his stalkers:

The Beast Incarnate has a question:

Jenzel Washington has words about Vince McMahon. South of Heaven responds:

TheDunktownExpress finds a thread with the worst champions ever:

Lordban spots something with Seth Rollins' ESPN segment:

Blank x2 has a message for certain sports fans. treble1313 and Zhahnruh respond:

Statboymonte wonders something important:

And finally, kmtierney reflects on the current wrestling world:


That's it for this week's REC Awards. Tune in next week for more malarkey.

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