Hell in a Cell: A poem

To celebrate the upcoming Hell in a Cell pay-per-view in just over a week, I decided to write a poem about the infamous steel structure. So without further ado here goes...

If you have a blood feud and it needs a payoff
Or you've just started a feud and your judgement's way off
You need Hell in a Cell
If climbing a structure causes the crowd to cheer
Or you need a match in the tenth month of the year
You need Hell in a Cell
When it won't suffice to have a simple steel cage
When two guys fight of considerable age
You need Hell in a Cell
When your opponent is mean but you need to be meaner
For the 500th match between Orton and Cena
You need Hell in a Cell

The cell lowers and then the music kicks in
Then you realise it's not Bayley-Sasha and you lose your grin
There's been a few of these classics with the Undertaker
Now there's been so many, I need a calculator
If you need it with a run-in, just go ask Kane
Or a hologram Wyatt to win you this game
Because in a match like this it's no disqualification
End up like Mankind and you're in a very bad situation

Hell in a Cell
Hell in a Cell
There's one thing I'm thankful for, that I can tell
Is that they didn't name this pay-per-view "Kennel from Hell".

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