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Mysteziz (aka the original Mistico & Sin Cara) shocks wrestling world with Arena Mexico return

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In a shocking moment, the original Mistico (aka the first Sin Cara in WWE and more recently as Mysteziz in AAA), returned to Arena Mexico on Friday night, announcing his intention to regain his top dog position in CMLL's home stadium.

The original Mistico finally returned home on Friday night
The original Mistico finally returned home on Friday night
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The Mexican wrestling world was turned upside down on Friday night by the shocking return of the original Mistico (real name: Luis Ignacio Urive Alvirde, aka the first Sin Cara in WWE and more recently as Mysteziz in AAA) to Arena Mexico, the arena he became famous in, on CMLL's big weekly show, just one day after he had worked a AAA house show in Xalapa.

Mysteziz's appearance was primarily to announce that he would be wrestling in Arena Mexico for Lucha Libre Elite, an independent promotion that uses a combination of CMLL talent and outsiders, on October 25th. He cut a short promo telling the crowd that it was great to be back in "his house" and how he planned to get his place back at Arena Mexico (i.e. in CMLL), which received an overwhelmingly positive reaction.

However, in the press conference after the show, Mysteziz told reporters that he plans on finishing up his AAA dates and then hopes to make his way back to CMLL. Although Mysteziz isn't officially back in the CMLL fold just yet, it must be close to a done deal, as CMLL promoted his appearance heavily on social media, plus it would have been a stupid risk for Mysteziz to burn his bridges with AAA without having a firm CMLL offer in place.

Mysteziz's desire to leave AAA is unsurprising. Ever since CMLL pushed him to the moon in 2004 under the Mistico gimmick, until he signed with WWE in January 2011, Mysteziz had grown used to being treated as the top dog. Although AAA gave him top billing when he debuted with the company in May 2014 that didn't last long, as Alberto El Patrón (aka Alberto Del Rio) and Rey Mysterio were both signed shortly thereafter and positioned higher on the babyface pecking order. Mysteziz's heel turn on Mysterio at this summer's TripleMania XXIII event may have aggravated matters, as it could have impeded his ability to get independent bookings (CMLL briefly turned him heel in early 2010, but quickly turned him back babyface when their local promoters balked at the idea of the kids idol becoming evil and thus hurting their attendance).

CMLL's openness to take Mysteziz back is somewhat surprising, given that he left the promotion on bad terms and the company's owner, Paco Alonso, has a reputation for holding grudges against those he feels have betrayed him. Alonso was upset that Mysteziz lied about wanting time off for a holiday when he was actually going to Los Angeles to meet with WWE officials and finalise his agreement to jump ship. Apparently they patched things up some time ago and Mysteziz had an "open door" to return whenever the right opportunity came up, but Alonso could have taken it as a snub that he chose AAA over CMLL when WWE released him in the spring of 2014. However, recently Alonso has been more open-minded about bringing back enemies, as demonstrated by the short-lived returns to CMLL of L.A. Park and Dr. Wagner Jr. this year, which noticeably boosted Arena Mexico attendance for a few weeks.

For AAA this is obviously a major blow, coming hot on the heels of Perro Aguayo Jr.'s death, the TripleMania debacle and rumours that WWE is interested in rehiring Alberto Del Rio, especially as they were completely blindsided by the move and had no time to prepare for his expected departure. Short-term they should be fine, as Alberto and Rey Mysterio are still with the company, but it's imperative that they prepare for the day when they are not around to prop up business, because both could be enticed back into WWE at any moment.

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