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Alberto El Patrón taking shots at WWE as he gets a belt in Puerto Rico and a shirt from Ring of Honor?

Alberto El Patron on Twitter

Since it appears that the former Alberto Del Rio will not be showing up in New York for TNA this week, let's check in on what he has been doing.

The man now going by Alberto El Patrón began his Ring of Honor run when he taped with the company last weekend for shows that will begin airing on television this weekend (and online at next week).  To mark the occasion, and make some cash, the company has released their first merchandise for the Mexican wrestler - and it's a play on his Mexican heritage that's reminiscent of a certain WWE poster boy with a three word/attribute slogan:

You can get yours here.  And check out the slick new Jay Lethal design while you're there.

Earlier this week in Puerto Rico, Alberto added the World Wrestling League's top belt to the AAA World Heavyweight title. reported that prior to the match, El Patrón took a shot while jawing with the heel authority figure of WWL, Richard Negrin, saying that he was trying to "protect a Yankee like the rascists in WWE", presumably referring to former WWL champ Glamour Boy Shane.

It was unquestionably a worked comment, especially considering that he is now kayfabe aligned with Negrin.  But given that a contingency for the deal that allows him to work television for ROH in the U.S. reportedly was that neither party would speak negatively about the other, it makes for a bit of a conundrum for Alberto.

A lot of his upswing in popularity among the independent set, and a guaranteed pop with Latino audiences, is to set himself as a Mexican hero standing up to the WWE's racism and bad management.  He may need to be careful about what or how much he says (and where) in order to stay on television without incurring additional legal fees.

What do you make of El Patrón run since parting ways with WWE, Cagesiders?

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