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We don't care if he does say "John" too much, Smarks love (or love to hate) Seth Rollins

Everybody who comes to Cageside Seats has an opinion about what's going on in pro wrestling - The Smark's Shoot Standings (S3) are where YOU let us know YOURS.

Cast a vote in the comments. Give us the four performers you think entertained or impressed the most in the last week, and feel free to talk about why. And/or vote for your top performer in our poll.

We also have the outcome of last week's voting, the results of which make up our annual competition for Performer of the Year.

Remember, the Standings are for the previous week's nationally televised and internet streaming pro wrestling shows -  the December 29th episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, Tuesday night's Main Event, Thursday's WWE NXT ROH TV, and the WWE SmackDown that aired on Friday, January 2nd.

Make YOUR mark, smarks!


Just when you thought this Ambrose/Rollins beef couldn't get any more personal, here's a GIF of Seth impersonating Dean...

That has next to nothing to do with last week's Standings, mind you, but I found it even more hypnotizing than your average GIF.  So there you go.

  • Hanging around with John Cena and Hulk Hogan will make you look like a big deal.  Backing it up in the ring and on the mic makes you a big deal.
  • Both members of the greatest "Creative has nothing for you" tag team of all time had nice weeks, but Smark love for Natty's husband is at an all-time high right now.
  • The Intercontinental champ and his bearded frequent rival actually did steal the show with their pay-per-view (PPV) quality match on Raw, and Ziggy had a nice Friday hanging with the main event crowd, too.
  • Speaking of the former Wyatt follower, he ended up in the weirdest tie in recent memory - knotted up in fifth with the most voluptuous side of the Miz/Usos love triangle - while his former boss and Bray's lunatic dance partner scored with Smarks for their latest gimmick match.
  • Doesn't take much for Fandango to dance away with our hearts, but a win over Jack Swagger is a surefire way to do it.
  • The guy who took this bump came in tenth.  The man who threw the trash can and won the match just missed the top ten by half a point.

The S3: 2014-15, Week 38

1. Seth Rollins
2. Tyson Kidd

3. Dolph Ziggler
4. Dean Ambrose
5. (tie) Naomi

5. (tie) Luke Harper
7. Fandango

8. Cesaro
9. Bray Wyatt
10. Cedric Alexander

Points in our weekly Standings determine our annual list - full details on rules and scoring HERE.

The race for the #1 spot gets a little tighter, Dolph muscles in front of Cesaro to place and the other half of everyone's favorite new tag team leaps over a couple of early season sensations who haven't done much in a while.

The S3 Performer of the Year - through the Week Ending December 27

1. Dean Ambrose - 228.5 points
2. Seth Rollins - 206

3. Dolph Ziggler - 113.33

4. Cesaro - 108.75

5. Paul Heyman - 97
6. Damien Sandow - 78.5

7. Bobby Roode - 74.83

8. Tyson Kidd - 73.5

9. Paige - 72

10. Bo Dallas - 66.5


Ring in the new year with cSs' coverage of the eligible shows - RawMain EventNXTSmackdownand ROH.  Don't worry New Japan fans, Wrestle Kingdom 9 will be included in next week's vote and poll (since it's on PPV).

But since even if you're watching that live, this will be up before it starts, kill some time by giving us your vote for the last shows of 2014!

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