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William Regal marks the 23rd anniversary of his U.S. television debut with advice to young wrestlers

NXT General Manager has had a pretty amazing career in wrestling.  Today, he took to social media to commemorate his United States television debut on January 30, 1992.

In looking back, he remembers that what was his biggest weakness is what he makes his money with as a performer now that his in-ring days are largely done.  And, as a key figure in a developmental program should, he uses that as a launch pad for some advice to young performers:

After 10 years of wrestling around the world I couldn't talk well on camera.I learn quickly.A lesson for all the "Wrestling" people.Without communication skills you're career will only go so far. (via TwitLonger)

He also uses the opportunity to take the piss out of old WCW colleague Mark Madden:

Don't really have much to add to that other than - William Regal is a treasure.

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