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WWE's Daniel Bryan will be on the Seattle Seahawks' Twitter today - the latest example of their parallel rise to the top

The defending Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks don't seem to have a problem associating with a B+ player like Daniel Bryan.

And the willingness of major sports entities like the National Football League and Major League Baseball to work with WWE in the form of Bryan is all the proof you need that all involved know that he's really an A+ player.

The Aberdeen, Washington native will host a question and answer session on his favorite football team's Twitter this afternoon at 6PM Eastern / 3PM Pacific, WWE has announced.

That his favorite football team's rise to the top of the NFL has coincided with Bryan's rise to the top of WWE is an interesting, and fortuitous for DB and his employer, coincidence.  His popularity / the popularity of his catchphrase and trademark chant was first seen in college sports, but the Seahawks' and NFL's embracing of it has been huge.

That one of the more prominent elements of the Seahawks mystique are their fans and how the "12th man" is a competitve advantage for them parallels The YES Movement and how fans have forced WWE's hand to book their hero in wrestling's version of the Super Bowl seems almost scripted.

If the 'Hawks were a mediocre to miserable team like they were for much of their pre-2010 existence, would the NFL have done any cross-promotion with WWE, on social media or anywhere?  Without the Super Bowl champs acceptance of Bryan as unofficial head cheerleader, would Vince McMahon have booked WrestleMania 30 around him?

We'll never know, because this is how history has played out.  But that's never stopped wrestling fans from arguing about something.  Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Or, heck, go ahead and ask the man himself on Twitter this afternoon.  And check back here, where we'll have any pertinent Tweets from Bryan and his fellow 12th men.

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