Roman Reigns has a ways to go but he's getting better

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Roman Reigns has undeniably been one of the most discussed wrestlers sports entertainers over the past few months. During the course of those discussions, it seems fans tend to come to the conclusion that he's not ready for the push to the top that WWE is currently contemplating giving him.

The issue? He's too green, his promos leave a lot to be desired, his work in the ring could be better, and it would seem he has followed in John Cena's footsteps with his own personal five moves of doom.

I will be the first to admit that I also have been of the mindset that Reigns is not quite ready for the main event. I also have thought that his promos were lacking or overly scripted. And after a decade plus of Cena's five moves of doom, I really wasn't inclined to accept another main eventer with the same recipe.

But I must admit, although still hesitantly, that Reigns has shown me that he is improving slowly on the promo side and, in my humble opinion, dramatically on the in ring side.

Now don't get me wrong, his feud and matches with the Big Show are never going to overwhelm anyone. I believe that Vince McMahon is trying to book Reigns strongly for his inevitable push to the stars. Yet Vince, for some reason, still thinks going over the Big Show is a must when establishing any new superstar.

What I have noticed, and I am also taking my wife's opinion into account as well (she loves her some Roman), is that in his two matches without the Big Show since his return to in ring action, he was pretty damn good! In both televised singles matches, which were against Seth Rollins and Rusev (both of whom are great in ring performers and capable of biasing this opinion), Reigns has added numerous moves. He's also changed up his application of his typical moveset. I have actually been very impressed -- not Daniel Bryan or Seth Rollins level impressed, but impressed nonetheless. His promos have been shorter and more on point, too. I really liked the "If you come down here I'm going to punch you in the mouth" promo he cut on Raw on Big Show.

Again, an improvement.

Now, I am not a mind reader but it seems he is truly working on his overall persona. I brought this up with my wife (think of her as the casual fan or general audience, but I am slowly swaying her to the dark side of markdom), who didn't see a need for any improvement, and she agrees that he's even getting better!

Perhaps having a couple of months off has given him time to reflect, adjust, or just talk to creative (Vince) about his in ring abilities, use of move sets, memorization issues, or persona vs. script issues. I do remember seeing some of these talents and abilities in his earlier days. His promos, while still lacking, are getting better.

So I write this post asking you if you have noticed any of these improvements? Or am I out in left field somewhere? Vote in the poll and leave your thoughts in the comments!

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