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Looking for pro wrestling alternatives? Here's a good sample of what Lucha Underground offers

I've been beating the drum on Lucha Underground, El Rey Network and AAA's lucha libre/B-movie action flick project since it's second episode hooked me. On a week where a lot of pro wrestling fans said they were sick of the sports entertainment choices being made by the most easily accessible version of the artform on the market, LU comes our way tonight at 8PM - and their always on-point marketing team has provided a couple of exclusive clips that offer a really good idea of what you get from their weekly one hour show.

The above clip showcases El Rey head honcho Robert Rodriguez's influence, as sleazy owner Dario Cueto sizes up the newest luchador in his "temple", Cage. The dialogue is pretty bad, in the way that the scripts of the grindhouse movies Rodriguez and frequent collaborator Quentin Tarantino adore usually are, and Cage isn't the most gifted talker, either (Cueto, however, nails every syllable and mannerism - as he always does).

Below is a bit of the in-ring action you can expect. While the roster features guys and gals who work a variety of styles, the high flying acrobatics of Mexican wrestling show up most often.

It's an almost always entertaining, occasionally great, definitely different and - most importantly - smartly booked hour of pro wrestling.

Find out if you have El Rey by using their channel finder (click "Watch Now" on their website). Lucha Underground airs Wednesdays at 8pm ET/PT on El Rey Network, y en Español Sábados a las 4pm ET/PT por UniMás.

If Royal Rumble has you looking for alternatives, give it a shot. Then let us know what you think!

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