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Bubba Ray Dudley on returning home to WWE - where he says he belongs

One of last night's few surprise entrants to the Royal Rumble match was Bubba Ray Dudley.

The former ECW star entered at #3 and even managed a couple of eliminations (taking out The Miz and R-Truth) before falling to DAT NUMBERS GAME when former stable mates Luke Harper and Bray Wyatt sent him flying over the top rope.

In the above Fallout video, the man who most recently impressed with his singles' run in TNA as Bully Ray talks about the experience and says that he is now back home in WWE, because that's where the fans want him.

He'd been saying for a while that he'd love to come back. While we still don't know if this was the proverbial one shot deal or if he's sticking around as either a Legend or as a regular roster member, it sounds like those issues he had with TNA on his way out the door were probably real.

Excited to see half of The Dudley Boys back in Philadelphia and on a WWE show? What are your hopes for Bubba Ray and his clan now that he's returned?

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