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Surprise returns from 2015 Royal Rumble Match

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Royal Rumble is a staple of the WWE calendar, hitting our screens every January. A key selling point of the thirty (or forty) person elimination match every year are the surprise entrants into the field.

This decade's bar was extremely high when Chris Jericho shocked us all in 2013 by hiding in his bus behind the arena in Phoenix.  Whose music hit the speakers to shock the crowd in Philadelphia and all of us watching along in bars, theaters and our living rooms?

We got the party started early, with TNA Hall of Famer and ECW legend Bubba Ray Dudley coming out as the third entry and working with R-Truth to pop the crowd.  No tables were gotten, and after he dumped The Awesome Truth, he was eliminated by Bray Wyatt and his former Family member Luke Harper.

The Boogeyman crept out seventh, but didn't last very long.  He was immediately dumped by The Eater of Worlds, who is looking at putting together an epic run from the five hole (he eliminated Daniel Bryan, a move the Philly crowd is still processing - and not favorably).

Zack Ryder returned from injury at #9, but didn't last much longer than any of the veterans.  He was dumped by Wyatt after hitting his signature spots.

It's me, it's me...It's DDP!  #14 was Diamond Dallas Page, and his Yoga served him well.  He eliminated Fandango with a Diamond Cutter, and hit them Rusev and Stardust with that signature maneuver, but was tossed as part of the United States Champ's Wyatt-like rampage through this year's match.

With only a few spots left to go, chances for surprises - by returning legends or guys coming off of the injured reserves - are slipping away.

Have you been surprised by the names announced tonight for the main event?

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