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WWE Royal Rumble 2015 match card preview: The Usos vs. The Miz & Damien Mizdow

Are Naomi and The Usos really on the same page? For that matter, can Miz put up with his more beloved but bumbling sidekick for much longer? Most importantly, who will be the WWE Tag Team Champions after the Royal Rumble is over?

Will Naomi play a part in the outcome?
Will Naomi play a part in the outcome?

WWE World Tag Team Championship Match

The Usos (c) vs. The Miz & Damien Mizdow

Rikishi's boys are back on top of the tag team tree, having beat The Miz at his own mind games on the Monday before Christmas. But are they there to stay or have the Hollywood actor and his stunt double Damien Mizdow got a trick up their sleeves to rule the roost again?

The Road to Royal Rumble

Before the last pay-per-view cycle, the Samoan twins were the ones chasing the Hollywood duo for the gold. Now, the roles are reversed, but not because of what happened at TLC, where nothing was settled as Miz was disqualified for walloping Jimmy with his opponent's Slammy Award trophy, after pushing his stunt double in the way of the diving Uso.

The tables were turned the very next night on Raw as Jey lamped The Miz with his Slammy while the referee was distracted by Damien Mizdow's stunt shenanigans, allowing his brother to Superfly Splash his way to victory in a singles match with Miz.

Maybe feeling a bit rattled that The Usos had his number, The Miz reverted his attention back to wooing Jimmy's wife Naomi immediately after the match was over with promises of a music deal and an invitation to appear on his Miz TV guest show on Main Event the next day. When Naomi took him up on his offer to tell him to cool it, Miz revealed that he had used his connections to bag her a Divas title match later that night on a special live edition of Smackdown. Cue a hopping mad husband to interrupt proceedings and tell Miz once again to stay away from his wife!

But Naomi couldn't stay away from him herself, feeling the need to apologise for her hubby's outburst, which led to Miz responding that she needed to keep him under control or else all her Hollywood dreams would disappear.

During her warm-ups, Jimmy said sorry to Naomi for causing a scene in front of her and was pumped to cheer her on at ringside, but his wife wanted the space to do it on her own. Naturally disappointed, Jimmy still gave her a good luck kiss goodbye.

Naomi wouldn't be without support though, as Miz came down midway through her bout with Nikki Bella to rally her on. Eventually, Jimmy broke his word to send Miz home packing, which naturally distracted Naomi and led to her being pinned with a small package. Maybe a crack had been chinked into their once rock solid relationship, as Naomi tearfully glared back at Jimmy for costing her the biggest match of her career.

Like a shark spotting blood, Miz spied an opportunity. After picking up a pinfall victory over Jey Uso with a handful of tights on the Dec. 22nd Monday Night Raw, he was in such a good mood that he told Naomi to call his agent. A torn Naomi just let out a big sigh after he was out of sight.

The Usos finally got their title rematch on the Dec. 29th Raw and they well and truly outsmarted the champs! As Miz & Mizdow were preparing for their upcoming battle, Naomi came by to thank Miz for everything he had done for her, telling him his producer had seen her video and now wanted to discuss future projects with her, leaving the dumb Hollywood starlet all confused as he hadn't picked up a single finger for her.

With the mental edge on their side, on this night The Usos couldn't be denied. Indeed, Jey kicked out of the Skull Crushing Finale and eventually hot tagged Jimmy in, who quickly pinned Miz for the third time in three weeks with the Superfly Splash. Naomi then leaped in out of nowhere to hug the new tag team champions. When Jerry "The King" Lawler interviewed Jimmy after the match, he bragged that he and his wife had always been on the same page, and that although The Miz thought he had played mind games with them, they had been the ones playing him all along.

Team Miz stormed off to demand an immediate title rematch from guest GMs for the night Edge and Christian, but got booked in a bout with the debuting Ascension for their troubles, which led to another humbling defeat when Mizdow was hit with The Fall Of Man, leaving Miz looking very pissed off with his partner.

One week later though, The Mizs rebounded in a six person tag with Alicia Fox when Jimmy Uso wasn't quite on the same page as Naomi. A brief miscommunication between the couple saw Jimmy momentarily distracted allowing Miz to roll him up from behind with the tights for a cheap yet imperative victory.

More wins came the week after, as Miz pinned Jey Uso in a singles match on Monday Night Raw after a poke to the eyes and the Skull Crushing Finale and pinned Jimmy with the Skull Crushing Finale too on Smackdown in a trios rematch from ten days earlier, to firmly establish he and Damien Mizdow as the number one contenders to the WWE Tag Team titles.

The go-home Raw this week saw quite the original way to hype the pay-per-view match: yet another singles match between Jey and Miz. Finally, it was time for Jey to pick up some of the glory, pinning Miz cleanly with the Superfly Splash.

What's at Stake?

Marriages, friendships and the right to call yourself the best tag team in the whole damn WWE Universe!

Are Naomi and The Usos really on the same page? Is she really a sweet loving wife looking out for the best interests of her husband or is that just a role she's playing to stab him in the back when he least expects it?

For that matter, can Miz put up with his more beloved but bumbling sidekick for much longer? When your stunt double becomes the star of the act, surely that's going to cause jealousy to seep in?

Most importantly, who will be the WWE Tag Team Champions at the end of Sunday night and will the above fractured relationships play a part in the outcome?

For the answers to these questions and many more, watch the 2015 Royal Rumble live for just $9.99 on the WWE Network and follow our coverage on!

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