Daniel Bryan, King of the WWE Smackdown Ring

I thought I might beat the cSs' staff on this and bring to your attention a couple more recent inteviews Daniel Bryan has given - this one with The Miami Herald and another at FanSided.

Like his in-ring work rate, his media rounds as of late seem to have boundless energy. A further search in Google News reveals there are further interviews with different media outlets, however I will focus on these two articles. I hope it's only a matter of time before Cageside Seats secure a one-on-one.

In these interviews (like previous ones posted here, here and here), he again discussed his injury rehab, and the decision to 'tone down' his moveset to reduce the risk of injury in the future - the diving headbutt was specifically mentioned.

What I found most interesting though was this quote to the Herald regarding Smackdown, which just moved to Thursdays. I think it bodes well for Daniel Bryan fans like myself to see him be the main star on the SyFy show, even if cynics claim it just solidifies the "B+ player" trope pushed by Stephanie McMahon.

This move seems to be reminiscent of 2013 when Bryan featured regularly on Friday nights, while most of the top Superstars were only featured in Monday Night Raw. I'd rather see Daniel Bryan be the face of the "secondary show" than be shuffled down the pack on Monday nights.

I actually requested for my return to be on this particular night. I wanted it to be in the main event of SmackDown when it moved. There is nobody better for me to wrestle in this type of situation than Kane. He is the one who put me out of action. He is the one I'm coming for retribution against. It should be a pretty awesome match and an awesome show and a pretty awesome way to get people to watch on Thursday nights.

Here is more on Bryan and Smackdown. He told FanSided that he has some booking ideas for this show - including bringing back King of the Ring:

I have a lot of hopes and goals for 2015, one of which [has a lot to do withSmackdown]. With Smackdown coming to Thursday and with me coming back, I would like to be the main guy on Smackdown and have Smackdown start beating Raw in the ratings. That’s really what I want. I’ve been very open about that with management, and told them "let me be the face of Smackdown, give me the opportunity to show what I can do and by the end of the year Smackdown will be getting just as many viewers as Raw if not more."

I would like to have the King of the Ring tournament on Smackdown. The King of the Ring tournament is something that the WWE used to do on a usual basis, and they’ve gotten away from it.

One, I love tournaments. Two, I think if you do the tournament exclusively onSmackdown the fans will get really excited about it and they’ll get geared up for it. Then crowning a King of the Ring champion on Smackdown, I think that would be awesome. That’s one of the many ideas I have for Smackdown in 2015.

DB also recently told Crave Online that fans "can expect the best Daniel Bryan they have ever seen" in the coming year. Will that include as a Thursday night where he's crowned the winner of a certain tournament?

Let us know if that's something you'd like to see, Cagesiders?

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