Lucha Underground, Episode 10 (Jan. 14, 2015): Rundown & Review

A championship match for episode 10 of Lucha Underground is in the books. In case you're still trying to find it, the show airs Wednesdays at 8pm ET/PT on El Rey and Saturdays at 4pm ET/PT in Spanish on UniMas. Catch up on last week's episode and also watch the final four of Aztec Warfare, which crowned the inaugural champion.

Exciting news alert. This just in... many hours ago. Alberto El Patron has officially signed to compete on Lucha Underground. Read the details here. No word yet about his amiguito or that little chihuahua who pestered his early WWE career.

Now, on to the show...


Recap of relevant events for this episode. One thing that caught my eye was a scene with Konnan and Prince Puma. Coach Konnan was yelling at Puma in the locker room after losing the ten-way match to Fenix. "You can't afford to miss opportunities and that's exactly what you did out there. Next time, those opportunities will be gone. So will I." I don't remember seeing that the first time around. It was an intense few seconds that really added some drama to the characters and their story.

Dario Cueto & Fenix office segment

Cueto is impressed with Fenix's escapades and accolades during his time in Lucha Underground. Cueto adds to his amusing arsenal of sleazy mannerisms with a swift touch of each nostril from his finger. Cueto tries to turn Fenix to the dark side with a request to destroy Prince Puma. Fenix isn't down with that. He fights for himself to be the best. Cueto understands and offers him a title shot. Cueto wants Fenix to defeat Prince Puma and embarrass Konnan.

As Fenix exits the office, the camera zooms out to a shot of that mysterious lady in black who is creeping at the back window. Apparently, she overheard the conversation. I will now put pants on, just in case she's creeping at my window too.

The house band plays us in with M. Bison on the accordion.

Four-way elimination match: Aerostar vs Argenis vs Angelico vs Cage

All four combatants are making their Lucha Underground debut. Aerostar hails from the cosmos. Argenis is from Mexico City. Angelico comes from Johannesburg, South Africa. Last is Cage from the 559. My crack research staff alerts me that 559 is the Fresno area of California.

Cage manhandles the other three, then they team up to smash him out of the ring. Fast and furious lucha libre action ensued. Highlights include a handspring off the ropes by Aerostar into a German suplex from Argenis, Aerostar attempting a flying maneuver but getting caught in a Jackhammer from Cage, Argenis doing a 180 twist up to the top rope then a moonsault to the outside on top of Cage, Aerostar followed with a springboard back plancha swan dive maneuver, and Angelico wasn't to be left out as he leaped over the ring post and splashed down on the others on the outside.

The end of the match had Cage hit a pumphandle sitdown face smashing maneuver on Argenis for an elimination. Cage powerbombed Aerostar, picked him up and threw him onto Angelico in the corner, then followed with a tornado clothesline to pin Aerostar. Angelico stunned Cage with a kick to the head then did some rope running. Cage quickly regrouped and delivered another tornado clothesline to finish the match. Cage had all three eliminations.

"Lucha Underground. They call me Cage, because I'm not a man. I'm a machine!"

Chavo Guerero & Blue Demon Jr. in-ring promo

Chavo is seated with two chairs in the ring. He wants to apologize for ruining his friendship with Blue Demon and ruining the friendship between their families. Blue Demon is looking smooth with a blue long sleeve shirt and black pants.

Both men have a seat. Chavo starts his apology by placing his hand on Blue Demon's knee, which results in a reaction of creepy bewilderment. Chavo removes his hand without ever looking at Blue Demon.

"I'm sorry that I didn't expose you for the fraud that you are. I'm sorry that I didn't rip that mask off your face. I'm sorry, Blue Demon. I'm sorry that I did not remove your mask and cover your face with a mask of your own blood." As Chavo said this, he casually got up, turned his back, and took out some huge brass knuckles from his pocket.

When Chavo turned to strike, Blue Demon was waiting for him. Blue Demon took Chavo down and unloaded with punches and kicks. Blue Demon grabbed a chair, while Chavo dropped to his knees in the begging position. Chair shot smash to Chavo's head. The crowd chanted, "Otra vez, otra vez." Chair shot to Chavo's back. Blue Demon gave Chavo a pixelated double bird.

Drago vs King Cuerno

Each luchador holds a win over the other. The match starts with a back and forth feeling out process. Cuerno kicks Drago out of the ring, then follows with a running flip over the top rope to the outside onto Drago. Cuerno sets up a table on the opposite side of the ring.

Back in the ring. Cuerno appears to be setting Drago up for a Thrill of the Hunt through the table, but Drago escapes. Drago sends Cuerno out of the ring and follows up with a flying corkscrew maneuver to the outside.

Cuerno grabs a chair. A swing and a miss. Drago retaliates with a kick to the mush that places Cuerno conveniently on the table. Drago sprints up the stairs and around the side to a ledge. Drago plops down from high above through Cuerno and the table. Both men are dead. Draw is the call from the referee after a double countout.

Fenix hype video

Voice-over with a manly man voice. "Legends say the phoenix is a bird that can not die. When a phoenix falls, he rises again. When a phoenix is weakened, it only makes him stronger. And from the ashes of defeat, the bird is always reborn. If you try and destroy Fenix, his rebirth will be your end." The video featured images of fire combined with previous highlights and unbeforeseen butt-kicking.

Championship match: Prince Puma vs Fenix

Fantastic back and forth action to begin. The two opponents have each other well scouted. The first major strike is by Puma, who lands a rotating suicide dive to the outside. Fenix is not to be outdone as he executes a corkscrew suicide dive.

AAA's Dorian Roldan is front and center in the viewing public. He's kind of like the Shane McMahon of AAA, minus the in-ring insanity of stunts. (As far as I know. It has been awhile since I've watched AAA.) Trust me. It's cool that he is there and recognized, even if it won't mean anything in terms of storyline.

The match slowed down in pace, but the bevy of maneuvers were still fierce and hard-hitting. Highlights include a Stinger splash from Fenix to Puma which led to a German suplex except Puma was upside down so he took all the devastating impact onto his gluteus maximus, a bow and arrow crucifix surfboard submission by Puma on Fenix, a handspring into a cutter by Fenix to Puma, and a Northern Lights suplex roll through into a vertical suplex by Puma to Fenix.

The finishing sequence began when Prince Puma climbed the turnbuckle, then got smacked around by Fenix. Puma was left stunned on the top turnbuckle. Fenix went to the next corner, tightrope walked the top rope, and was greeted with a kick to the face. Puma then hit his 630 back splash for the victory.

Post-match shenanigans

Puma rose to his feet for a few seconds of glory until Cage ambushed him from behind. Forearm smashes to the noggin. Tornado clothesline followed by two rapid fire powerbombs. The crowd voiced their disapproval, "Culero, culero, culero." Screw you, Cage.


Fantastic story telling, inside and outside of the ring, highlighted this episode. The four debuts had zero duds. All four are very impressive additions to Lucha Undergound. I'd pick Angelico out from the bunch as the most exciting in their match. He had unique moves and nice charisma, despite suffering from a toe to the brown eye.

Something about Cage rubbed me the wrong way. I couldn't put my finger on it. Perhaps it was his finely sculpted facial hair. I viewed him as half goober and half doofus. I was quite pleased after he attacked Prince Puma, because I'll have zero problem booing the heck out of him. Boo you, Cage.

The finish to the Drago vs King Cuerno match was a neat way to extend their feud. Thumbs up for draws. The match itself felt a little awkward. They were selling after the first thirty seconds like it was an epic beating. Drago's drop off the ledge was kind of weak in terms of a stunt, but I'm not going to hate on him. Most of us would be hesitant as well from that height.

Sr. Pendejo nailed it once again. Chavo was awesome as a two-faced slimeball. I hope their feud leads to a lucha de apuesta.

Prince Puma vs Fenix was a barn burner. I like how they had face vs face. Nobody had a heel tweak for the sake of crowd manipulation. They stayed true to their characters. I'm curious if Fenix will suffer any consequences for failing to defeat Puma. Will he be fed to Cage?

It was judged that Johnny Mundo stole the show at Aztec Warfare. He received 29% of 201 votes. The champ, Prince Puma, earned 26%. Chavo's chair was part of four eliminations and came in third with 9%. Sexy Star finished in fourth with 7%.

Thoughts? Move of the night? Theories about the lady in black? Which match/segment got you most excited? Which debut was the most impressive? Enjoy video of Prince Puma's first championship defense.

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