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Goldberg still open to WWE return, even if he doesn't watch their 'mindless soap opera'

The Royal Rumble and WrestleMania season brings with it all manner of talk about returns and surprises.  Between the 30-man battle royal's trademark "surprise" entrants, to the WWE Hall of Fame, to the perceived need by company officials to load up their biggest show of the year with past Superstar and mainstream celebrities, you never know who is going to talk up - or show up - in pro wrestling.

One guy we have heard too much from or about recently is WCW legend Bill Goldberg.  The man behind one of the most famous streaks in sports entertainment is appearing at a Miami, Florida comics convention, the Magic City Comic-Con, this weekend, and he spoke to Scott Fishman at The Miami Herald about a wide range of topics - from CM Punk & MMA to Sting & WWE.

On that last topic, Goldberg hasn't completely closed the door on a return to Vince McMahon's promotion:

I could still do it.

I'm probably in the best shape of my life right now...I made the statement that I would never consider wrestling over the age of 40 when I was over 40 years old. Here I am two clicks away from the big one (50). Having children changes your outlook 100 percent of your life. If it came to fruition, I would seriously consider it. With that said, it's not going to stop my heart that I didn't attain that by any stretch of the imagination.

He doesn't know who would be "next".  Part of that is because what he believes was the big money match - Goldberg vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin - isn't going to happen.  And part of it is because he just doesn't watch WWE:

I probably watched it a handful of times since I retired. I think there is so much more on television. Number one, I don't have the time to do it. I'm training most of the time and spending time with my family, my eight-year-old boy and beautiful wife. My life has kind of changed in that I don't sit arbitrarily watching two hours of mindless soap opera.

Some of that is due to the issues he had during his run with WWE - a run that ended with the infamous WrestleMania XX match against Brock Lesnar where the crowd knew both men were leaving wrestling after that show and responded accordingly - but it also doesn't sound like Goldberg is a pro wrestling fan.  And he certainly doesn't promote it around the house with his eight year old son:

We know it was a kind of a disgruntled marriage between myself and WWE. I don't really sit down and watch the product with my son. If it was something he came up to me and asked me to do I would do it. He has yet to do it. We are a traditional sports family as of right now. Growing up, the last thing I want him to do is think he is going to become a professional wrestler at age 8. We are concentrating on Muay Thai, baseball and hopefully football here.

If you're working Muay Thai and American football, your concerns about the boy's interests aren't necessarily safety-related, which will further the impression that Goldberg still has issues with the only wrestling company he might work for, and not much love for the industry and art form with which he made a ton of money during The Attitude Era.

What's you take, Cagesiders?  Will we ever see Goldberg in a WWE ring again?  Do you care?  What about a Hall of Fame spot?  Does he deserve one?

Give us your take in the comments below.

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