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Date and main event set for next WWE NXT live special (SPOILERS)

WWE taped the next three weeks of NXT episodes last night in Winter Park, Florida at Full Sail Live.  If you're looking for spoilers, head on over to The Daily and the fine Cagesiders there have your hook-up...watching the now-on-Wednesdays show without foreknowledge is my last line in the and between being a "fan" and being a "professional writer of stuff".

One item that transcends week-to-week results, however, is the news of the next live special.  Starting last Spring with ArRIVAL, NXT's version of a main roster pay-per-view (PPV) have been highlights of pro wrestling calendar, so it's exciting to hear when the next one will be, and to see that they're adhering to a quarterly schedule for the two hour live shows.

The fifth special will air on Wednesday, February 11th at 8PM Eastern on WWE Network.  Presumably, WWE is sticking with the branding of all of these shows as Takeover, but we'll have to await word on the subtitle.  I'll use this forum to cast an early vote for either & Robin or The Quest for Peace.

Also hard to avoid, and easy to predict, is the main event for the show.  If you absolutely, 100% want zero spoilage, look away now...


Headlining the fifth live special will be an NXT title match between champion Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens.  The latter man just debuted at the last show in December, the critically-acclaimed R Evolution, and has heeled his way to the front of the line for a grudge match with a man he has a lot of history with from the independent circuit.

Chime in with your naming selections, fantasy booking and the like in the comments below.  If you do discuss results from last night's show in Florida, please use spoiler text (the last icon in the row of formatting options above the body of a comment).

Excited, Cagesiders?

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