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Finn Bálor says signing with WWE was 'the greatest decision of my life'

There has been some buzz on the independent pro wrestling scene that this isn't the time for anyone doing well there to hook their wagon to Vince McMahon and WWE.

For reasons ranging from lack of creative control to poor pay, acts like The Young Bucks are said to be choosing to remain unaffiliated.  But one person who says he hasn't seen the negatives since joining WWE is NXT star Finn Bálor.

The Irishman told The UK Sun that he's exceedingly happy with his choice to come to the States and work for the McMahon's company:

Every day I come into work and I'm continuously blown away by the size of the company and how helpful they are and how willing they are to meet me about any ideas I have.   Everything that I've done before here was literally on my own back and they were all my own ideas with no help from anyone.

I've come to WWE and a lot of people - I'll be honest - said: ‘You know, you shouldn't maybe go there.' I can honestly say it was the greatest decision of my life coming to WWE. "It is an incredible company - incredible staff work behind the scenes helping everyone here, not only myself." lot of people said: ‘They might curb your creativity.'

But with hindsight it has been the complete opposite. They've gathered it and pushed it forward and lifted it up and put their little shine on it.

But the man who was known as Prince Devitt before heading to Florida is sticking with one belief that a lot of fans have these days - there's no reason to rush and jump to the main roster when you're a part of something special like NXT:

It has taken me fourteen years to get here so I'm not in any rush to move anywhere! I'm happy here, to be part of NXT. As the saying goes: ‘The future is now.' Hopefully we - myself and the lads - can help NXT reach a new level.

What do you think, Cagesiders?  Was WWE the right decision for Bálor, Hideo Itami and others?  And should they be shooting for life on the road and bigger potential paydays ASAP, or enjoying the indy-within-WWE that is NXT?

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