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Jack Swagger's Reevaluation (2015)

His name is Jack Swagger and Cageside Seats readers have reported back on what they love and loathe about the former ECW Champion. Here's the full evaluation.

What you loved:

  1. Theme - Easily the most liked thing about Swagger.
  2. Hoss - Even with wrestlers you aren't fond of, their hoss-ness still gets respect.
  3. Cesaro - His time working with and against Cesaro was probably his peak in 2014.
  4. "We the People" - Even as heels they got this great catchphrase over with the crowd.
  5. Rusev Feud - It started out well enough, and he did his job by putting Rusev over.

Best comment comes via phlash74:

"Quite capable of a good HOSS fight – the match against Rusev where he passed out in the Accolade was a very good match. Second only to Brock in legit wrestling credentials (All-American at the University of Oklahoma)."


What you loathed:

  1. Stiff - Still one of the most notoriously stiff workers in the WWE. We all remember him taking out Ziggler in 2013. In 2014, Bad New Barrett was put on the shelf after a match with Swagger.
  2. Mic - It's a struggle for him to cut any kind of lengthy promos. Zeb helps cover this weakness, but after all this time, there's still little improvement.
  3. Face - He's a bland good guy, and his current gimmick just doesn't work for a face.
  4. Xenophobic Gimmick - Speaking of his gimmick, many of you are uncomfortable with it, and feel it doesn't work in this era of wrestling.
  5. Still in WWE - He's gone from main-event to jobber status in a few short years. At 32, he doesn't have much upside, so it wouldn't be surprising if "future endeavored" is in his near future.

Best comment comes via Militia:

"Swagger would be great enhancement talent if he wasn’t legitimately putting guys on the shelf for chunks of their career."

On to the poll! With 284 votes, Jack Swagger's average score is 2.4. Last year, he received a 2.6.

Thanks, Cagesiders! Tomorrow's pick was not helped by Heyman.

Until then!

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