Lucha Underground, Episode 9 (Jan. 7, 2015): Rundown & Review

Aztec Warfare from episode 9 of Lucha Underground is in the books. In case you're still trying to find it, the show airs Wednesdays at 8pm ET/PT on El Rey and Saturdays at 4pm ET/PT in Spanish on UniMas. Refresh your memory of 2014's last episode and watch the ten-way match to get you in the mood for Aztec Warfare. Also, get caught up on the power rankings and storylines to monitor for 2015. One other note, in case you missed it. Lucha Underground announced their next set of tapings for January. Get the details on how to score free tickets here.

Now, on to the show...

Dario Cueto in-ring promo

We head into the temple with a deep drum beat and Aztec dancers in full regalia surrounding the ring. We will be witnessing a match that Cueto himself invented, Aztec Warfare. The crowd chants,"Aztec Warfare," which gives Cueto a smirk of self-satisfaction.

The rules are simple. Start with two men, every 90 seconds a luchador enters, elimination by pinfall or submission, and, "Because I do love violence, ANYTHING GOES!!!"

Lucha! Lucha! Lucha!

Aztec Warfare

This match lasted the whole show and it was awesome the entire time. For the sake of brevity, the rundown will only mention entrances, eliminations, and anything else that tickled my pickle.

1. Fenix
"And by random draw (funny emphasis on random)," Cueto introduced number two.
2. Johnny Mundo
"It's time for Aztec Warfare to BEGIN!!!" The bell rings. Fenix and Mundo went back and forth in an exciting manner. BUM BUM, BUM BUM. The Aztec drums bang away with ten seconds to go until the next entrant. The drums played for the countdown of each new competitor throughout the match.
3. Cisco
Cisco cleaned house, but eventually got reversed into a fireman's carry by Fenix. Fenix then ran across the ring and smashed Cisco's body into the corner. That led to Mundo hitting the End of the World.

Elimination 1: Cisco

4. King Cuerno
5. Son of Havoc
Havoc was up to his usual chicanery and trickeration. Havoc later did an outstanding aerial maneuver to the outside and stiffed a fan who wanted a high five.
6. Pimpinela Escarlata
7. Prince Puma
The darkly dressed vixen made an appearance in the crowd. She displayed a permanent scowl during her time on camera.
8. Ivelisse
Earlier in the night, Ivelisse bashed her way into the competition to take the spot of Famous B. A 360 spin kick by Ivelisse to the head of Pimpinela Escarlata was followed by a shooting star press from Son of Havoc.

Elimination 2: Pimpinela Escarlata

9. Drago
King Cuerno had Drago up on his shoulders, but Ivelisse decided to kick Cuerno in the gut. This led to Cuerno snatching Ivelisse and delivering the Thrill of the Hunt.

Elimination 3: Ivelisse

10. Bael
Fenix and Drago boogied in the ring. Drago evaded Fenix, who then did a rotating flip to the outside. Drago followed with a flying corkscrew maneuver onto some bodies. Puma and Son of Havoc tussled in the ring. A standing high kick to Havoc's head ended his night.

Elimination 4: Son of Havoc

11. Cortez Castro
Bael bit Puma in the head.
12. Ricky Mandel
Puma went to town on Bael. Jumping 360 high kick. Northern Lights suplex rolled into a vertical suplex. Standing shooting star press.

Elimination 5: Bael

A running knee from Mundo to Cortez's head put him out.

Elimination 6: Cortez Castro

13. Big Ryck
Ryck punked Castro and Bael by shoving them aside as he entered the ring. Mandel felt a taste of Ryck's power then got Rock Bottomed.

Elimination 7 : Ricky Mandel

Drago took on Ryck with some kicks, but Ryck picked him up in the Gorilla Press style. Cuerno asked for Drago's body, so Ryck tossed him onto Cuerno's shoulders. The Thrill of the Hunt was executed.

Elimination 8: Drago

As Cuerno celebrated, Mundo leaped up from behind to take him down in a crucifix pin.

Elimination 9: King Cuerno

14. Pentagon Jr.
Pentagon hit a huge backdrop power bomb on Fenix. The height Fenix got made it look amazing.
15. Super Fly
16. Chavo Guerrero
Chavo brought a chair with him to the ring. Goodbye, Super Fly. Chair shot to the head.

Elimination 10: Super Fly

Pentagon gave Chavo some dap for that elimination. Chavo responded with a chair shot to the head.

Elimination 11: Pentagon Jr.

17. Mascarita Sagrada
Fenix and Mascarita went at it dandily. Mascarita hurricanranaed Fenix over the top rope. Mascarita then attempted a flying maneuver off the ring apron, but he was met with a vicious dropkick from Fenix.
18. Sexy Star
Mascarita and Big Ryck had a fun grappling session in the ring. It culminated with death by clothesline.

Elimination 12: Mascarita Sagrada

19. El Mariachi Loco
El Mariachi Loco put his skills on full display against the tired competitors. I love the dance move transition to super kick.
20. Mil Muertes with Catrina
Spear here, spear there. El Mariachi Loco got Flatlined.

Elimination 13: El Mariachi Loco

Big Ryck and Mil Muertes had an epic staredown. Mil flexed his pecs. Ryck told Mil to run the ropes. Collision. Big Ryck stood his ground. Ryck's turn to run the ropes. Collision. Mil stood his ground. I've been looking forward to that encounter, and it was a fantastic teaser for when it really goes down in the future. The remaining seven competitors attacked each other all at once, as the bang of the Aztec drums drove the crowd to a frenzy.

Big Ryck was taken down in the corner by Mundo. Ryck was on the receiving end of the End of the World from Mundo and a standing shooting star press from Puma. Chavo threw Mundo and Puma out the ring, so he could get credit for the pinfall. Fenix did a 450 splash on top of Chavo and Ryck. Fenix and Chavo had a double cover on Ryck.

Elimination 14: Big Ryck

Chavo was back with his chair. Chair shot to the head of Fenix.

Elimination 15: Fenix

Sexy Star and Chavo are having a staredown. Chavo blew a kiss then tried for a chair shot surprise. Sexy didn't fall for it and proceeded to give Chavo a pummeling. Chavo turned the tide by slamming her onto the chair. Chavo placed the chair on her head and climbed the corner with the idea of crushing Sexy's head like a grape. Blue Demon! Blue Demon! Blue Demon!

Blue Demon Jr. has returned. He pushed Chavo off the top turnbuckle and dished out some punches of his own. Sexy Star smashed Chavo with a chair shot to the head.

Elimination 16: Chavo Guerrero

Blue Demon knelt over Chavo and smacked him in the face. He let Chavo now that their war is not over.

Down to the final four: Sexy Star, Johnny Mundo, Prince Puma, and Mil Muertes. Sexy Star was grooving with some flying head scissors for both Mundo and Puma. She turned her attention to Mil. Spear.

Elimination 17: Sexy Star

The final three went back and forth. At one point, Mil held Puma's legs as he was suspended between the top two ropes. Mundo jumped over the top for a flying cross body to Puma. Puma's back smashed against the corner of the ring apron like he was broken in half. It was brutal looking. Later on, Mundo and Puma teamed for a superplex to Mil Muertes. The vibration of the ring showed the force of impact.

Catrina got involved by grabbing Puma's foot. Puma was going to retaliate, but Mil got there in time to prevent it. Mundo used this opportunity to sneak attack Mil with a springboard kick. Mil ducked and Catrina ate it hard. Mil had an intense freak out. Puma snuck in with a flying double knee. That led to Mundo hitting a 360 splash followed by Puma doing the same. Both covered Mil.

Elimination 18: Mil Muertes

Puma and Mundo went back and forth for six magnificent minutes. Puma hit Spanish Fly. Mundo hit the End of the World. Neither would give up. The end saw Mundo setting up for a Spanish Fly of his own, but Puma pushed him off the top as the rope met Mundo's cojones. That set up a 630 splash from Puma for the win.

Elimination 19: Johnny Mundo
Winner: Prince Puma

Prince Puma is the first ever Lucha Underground champion. Puma and Mundo shared a handshake and a hug, while Konnan sauntered down to the ring to show appreciation.


Thank you, Dario Cueto, for your innovatively inventive match concept. It was fantastic. If I tried to describe all the awesome moves in the match, then this rundown would have been three times as long. The Aztec dancers and drums added a unique flair that truly enhanced my viewing experience. For any fan of Royal Rumble style matches, I highly recommend finding a way to watch Aztec Warfare. I've watched twice already and will probably make time for a third viewing before next week's episode.

I like how most of the competitors were fairly equal in their ability to deliver danger. I never got that obvious feeling that certain guys had to be protected. For example, Johnny Mundo was taking bumps from most everyone, not just the premier players. Even when guys like Big Ryck and Mil Muertes took a ton of punishment to get eliminated, it felt natural.

Poor Catrina. I wonder if that will lead to a Johnny Mundo/Mil Muertes rivalry. I would be kind of giddy if it does.

Let's get caught up on some poll action from the last few weeks. Prince Puma had the largest rooting section with 24% of 269 votes. Johnny Mundo received 19% and Mil Muertes came in third with 10%. Since they were the last three, I think it is safe to say Aztec Warfare was a crowd-pleaser in that regard.

Johnny Mundo vs Prince Puma was the favorite Lucha Underground match from 2014. It received 34% from 119 votes. The $100,000 ladder match got 23%, the ten-way match collected 19%, and Fenix vs Pentagon Jr. vs Drago obtained 15%.

Aztec Warfare was the upcoming storyline with the most interest, as it garnered 38% of 164 votes. Dario Cueto's key took in 25%, and the debut of new luchadores was third with 10%.

Thoughts? Favorite moments of Aztec Warfare? Who was the show stealer? Enjoy video of the final four duking it out.

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