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Hi, My Name is: Week in Review

Let's take a look back at all the (Re)evaluations you fine readers have delivered in the past week in "Hi, My Name is" including a look at The Miz, Batista, and more!

Lets check out the past week's evaluations:

1/5/15 - Batista (reevaluation) - Updated poll score: 3.6

Best comments by: Total Scrub and The ShockMaster

1/6/15 - Big E (reevaluation) - Updated poll score: 3.2

Best comments by: *Asterisk* and scorpio_x

1/7/15 - The Miz (reevaluation) - Updated poll score: 3.7

Best comments by: CalTrause and Electus

1/8/15 - La Parka (evaluation) - Updated poll score: 3.9

Best comments by: ReverendKain and recordite

1/9/15 - Jushin Liger (evaluation) - Updated poll score: 4.5

Best comments by: Phil_X and hellotherefinnitami


Most Rec comment: Total Scrub - 20 Recs

"Love: Honestly, I don’t think there’s been a better, more natural, full-on heel in WWE over the past few years. He’s the exact kind of guy that I’d personally want to punch in the face, because he’s just so good at being that douchey heel no one loves. Punk could get a face reaction because of what he said, so could Trips, but Batista was just perfect at being a scum of the earth heel. He’s that guy at the bar that’s obnoxiously loud, wearing clothes two sizes too small, and who keeps disgustingly hitting on the girl who’s there with someone else, and then makes a scene calling the girl a bitch for not going for him. He’s not necessarily a bad guy in a villainy sense, but he’s just a bad person, and WWE hasn’t had a heel like that in a long time.

Miss ya, Dave, ya big douche.

Loathe: Cardiovascular endurance of a geriatric lifetime chain smoker."

Most Rec (with .gif or picture) comment: Bmart26 (Batista's wave goodbye) - 21 Recs


Thanks, Cagesiders, see ya next week.

"Hi, My Name is" articles in 2014.

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