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Video: Bobby Lashley stalked by toothless psycho while training for TNA Impact, Bellator MMA

Esther Lin

Last Friday night (Sept. 5, 2014), Bobby Lashley made his debut for Bellator MMA. Today, he makes his first appearance for Slapstick Saturday, which in my book, is far more impressive.

After choking out what "Killer" Keith Harris referred to as an "MMA Jabroni," fans were buzzing about Lashley's improved cardio, something that plagued him in tepid performances for Titan FC and Strikeforce. So, how did the big man maintain his mass, but improve his overall conditioning?

He finally found himself the right coach.

Much like Jonathan Cabot in Gymkata, Lashley discovered what the body is really capable when trying to escape certain death, which is why he brought former WWE "Boogeyman," Marty Wright, to the American Top Team (ATT) training facility in Colorado.

The results speak for themselves.

Stay fit, stay safe!

While I was going to talk about Lashley's accomplishments as TNA Heavyweight Champion, can we instead talk about the physique of Boogeyman? Not bad for 50 years old, though I wonder if he's chasing Lashley to keep the champ in peak physical condition, who's chasing him?

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