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Bobby Lashley's Cageside Evaluation

Caleb Jones via Wikimedia Commons

What you loved:

  1. Look - When it comes to comparing physiques it should be known as the Lashley Scale. A few of you mentioned his eyes, which are crazy intense.
  2. Pedigree - With a background in amateur wrestling and currently in MMA both sports help round out Lashley's persona.
  3. Second TNA Run - Wow, two days in a row? Currently he's the champ, and has had proper booking along the way.
  4. In-Ring - Good strength and speed, had some great power moves (dominator, suplex, spear), and has continually improved over the years.
  5. Umaga Feud - HOSS FEUD!

Best comment comes via Argonut:

"The look, his recent TNA run. In a lot of ways he does feel like a reincarnation of Ron Simmons, except for the voice. He had a great moveset as well. Ron’s Dominator, a solid Spear, many suplexes (and he had shockingly good technique), and a running powerslam that he did just like Bulldog did years ago. He’s a legit tough guy (amateur background and MMA) and the amateur background was probably a big boost backstage. Not to mention his rivalry with Umaga, which gave us this gem."


What you loathed:

  1. Mic - Charisma Loading: 0% - Error.
  2. Voice - Having a baby voice in wrestling is never a good thing. WWE actually thought it was a good idea for him and John Cena to debate.
  3. First TNA Run - Oh whew, all is right in the world. His first run was full of LOLTNA moments.
  4. Pushed Fast - Rather than letting him improve his skills and work his way up the card, Lashley went sent right to the top and was pretty mediocre.
  5. In-Ring - Mixed bag with this one, some of you weren't fans of his moveset, and felt his muscles caused Lashley to gas out too quickly.

Best comment comes via nsuviolin:

"Kind of a walking example of everything wrong with WWE. Pushed way too hard, too fast strictly because of his look, despite having virtually nothing else going for him, initially. And by time he’d improved to the point where he was at least somewhat watchable, he decided to leave and pursue other things, so I felt kinda jipped."

On to the poll! With 192 votes, Bobby Lashley's average score is 3.1

Thanks, Cagesiders! Tomorrow's pick should be unruly.

Until then!

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