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TNA Impact preview (September 3, 2014): A warning to champs and challengers alike

Previously on Impact Wrestling

Executive Director Kurt Angle is a man of the people, and as such, he likes to make his executive decisions from the crowd.  He couldn't give us a decision right away on who the #1 contender would be following the photo finish from Six-Sides of Steel at Hardcore Justice, but he could book a street fight when the champ's mouthpiece, MVP, ran down New York City when Tommy Dreamer just happened to be in attendance.

The Innovator of Violence had trash cans and kendo sticks on his side; Bobby Lashley had Kenny King and a devastating spear.  Dreamer last a New York Minute (or even four), but in the end, was turned inside out by one of those spears and the referee counted three with his shoulders pinned to the mat.

Samuel Shaw has been working on his art therapy, but he's also worried about his buddy Gunner's relationship with his nemesis Mr. Anderson.  Not too worried to try on Gunner's military fatigues, though.  I guess he just want to be like Sergeant Chris Melendez, who was introduced to the TNA Universe by fellow veteran Anderson and his trainers, Bully Ray and Devon.  Even if that is the case, Gunner's not buying it, and tells Shaw to get out of his duds.

Somebody remembered that Madison Rayne is on the Knockouts roster, and gave her some promo time and a match.  She ran down her opponent for the #1 contender's match with the microphone, but when she gets distracted jawing with the ref, Taryn Terrell caught her with a cutter to earn the right to face Gail Kim for the title.

Low Ki was the star of a six-man tag that let the X-Division roster show their stuff.  Former X-Division champ DJ Z got to officiate an online dating contest between former tag champs Jessie Godderz and Robbie E, which is...kind of the same thing?

The issue of who will face Lashley next will be decided by a one-on-one match between former Team Canada partners Bobby Roode and Eric Young.  The issues between Ethan Carter III and his former employee Rhino are still open, after the Man-Beast won their Grudge Match via disqualification due to EC3 attacking him with a chair.  Current Carter employee Spud doesn't seem to be on much better terms with Dixie's nephew either.

James Storm's revolution debuted the new visage of Sanada...and it looked a lot like the his old mentor's.  The Great Sanada has a yellow and black facepaint, but his mist is still green.  Austin Aries found that out as he fell to the man who hails from the country where Bound for Glory will be held next month.

It wasn't revolutionary, but the main event was history making.  Team 3D took the first in the series to determine who the best tag team in the world is, when Eddie Edwards took a 3D and was pinned.  Devon and Ray get to pick the stipulation of the next match, and are one victory away from establishing their dominance over both the Wolves and Hardys


TNA filmed these shows back in August in New York City.  Some stuff has been moved around since the live show reports came in, but most of what will happen tonight can be found in this report.

We will definitely have a new #1 contender to Lashley's TNA World title following this edition of Impact.  Bobby Roode and Eric Young will honorable and respectfully kick each other's butt until we have one.

Lashley is declaring an open challenge for tonight's show, and the Destroyer says that he'll destroy whoever steps to him.  The Knockouts champ will also be in action, as she and Taryn Terrell try to top some of their previous classics when they battle for the belt tonight.

Plus, Low Ki faces Tigre Uno, Crazzy Steve, Homicide, Manik and DJ Z to determine who will next face Samoa Joe for X-Division gold.  And Team 3D will announce the stip for the next match in their war against the TNA tag champs and Jeff & Matt Hardy!

Expect to pop for:

At this point, any signing is a welcome (ahem) sign of life from TNA.  But a respected indy brawler to bolster a Knockouts division that recently lost names like ODB and Velvet Sky?  For however long it lasts, it should be fun.

The heat is on:

It's been more than a year since Kim & Terrell blew us away with the first two matches of their trilogy, including the best hardcore women's match many of us have seen, the ladder match embedded above.

Since then, Taryn became a mother and both women got another year older.  Will they be willing to lay it all out to try and top their matches from 2013?

And with Havok lurking backstage, will the winner get much of a chance to celebrate?

Who's enjoying Impact while it has Wednesday nights all to itself with no other wrestling competition?

If you are, enjoy it along with your fellow Cagesiders in our live blog!

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