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Summer Rae is a muse for white rappers

And here you just thought she owned her mean girl heel character on NXT and Total Divas. Or whatever it is she does when she gets booked on Raw, Smackdown, Main Event or Superstars with Layla.

But no, it turns out that she also inspires the burgeoning genre of white rappers who attend autograph signings. Or, at least one of that soon-to-be vibrant genre, Bodie (real name Ryan Pappolla) who couldn't resist hitting the former Lingerie Football star with a verse before getting his 8 x 10 autographed by "the salvation of this Divas generation".

I...really don't know what else to say. Name dropping wrestlers in hip-hop has been going on forever: many members of the Wu-Tang Clan have done it, Action Bronson has a whole song dedicated to Barry Horowitz and Ric Flair has more lines written about him than anyone this side of Mike Tyson. But I think this might be the first Total Divas reference in rap history. Is there a sub-genre of Nerdcore for reality shows? Bodie may have carved out some new territory here.

Anyway, enjoy some free publicity, kid. Maybe this gets worked into an angle on E! between Summer and Natalya and your career can really take off.

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