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The S3: Vote for Best Performer of the 2014-15 Season, Week 25

Join in a discussion with your fellow internet fans about the past week in pro wrestling: who entertained us the most, and why!

Everybody who comes to Cageside Seats has an opinion about what's going on in pro wrestling - The Smark's Shoot Standings (S3) are where YOU let us know YOURS.

Cast a vote in the comments. Give us the four performers you think entertained or impressed the most in the last week, and feel free to talk about why. And/or vote for your top performer in our poll.

We also have the outcome of last week's voting, the results of which make up our annual competition for Performer of the Year.

Remember, the Standings are for the previous week's nationally televised and internet streaming pro wrestling shows - WWE's Night of Champions pay-per-view (PPV), the September 22nd episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, Tuesday night's Main Event, the Wednesday, September 24th edition of TNA Impact, Thursday's WWE NXT & and ROH TV, and the WWE SmackDown that aired on Friday, September 26th.

Make YOUR mark, smarks!


Most people would call it a week when a burger named in your honor is unveiled at a party to watch the DVD retrospective of your career,


But not the man for whom the Paul Heyman burger was named.

  • His advocate did the talking (and the getting locked up behind a Khali-guarded door), so he came in first while the WWE champ finished second.  The other guy who did the talking (and the locking) came in farther down our weekly ten.
  • #bunnymania, and I guess Kevin Dunn is right, lesbian-ish Paige is over.
  • Couple of guys who came up short during the week in question (The It Factor against Bobby Lashley and the Architect against Roman Reigns) still got props from you smarks, and tied with a Ring of Honor (ROH) part-timer in fifth.
  • The man the Phenomenal One defeated closed out our ranks, placing just ahead of a the slightly villainous NXT champion.

The S3: 2014-15, Week 24

1. Paul Heyman
2. Brock Lesnar

3. The Bunny
4. Paige
5. (tie) Bobby Roode

5. (tie) Seth Rollins
5. (tie) AJ Styles

8. John Cena
9. Kyle O'Reilly
10. Adrian Neville

Points in our weekly Standings determine our annual list - full details on rules and scoring HERE.

Traitorface couldn't even close the gap to within 30 points while his former partner took a month off...tsk, tsk, tsk.

The S3 Performer of the Year - through the Week Ending September 20

1. Dean Ambrose - 146 points
2. Seth Rollins - 115.5

3. Paul Heyman - 87

4. Cesaro - 68.75

5. Bo Dallas - 66.5
6. Paige - 64

7. Roman Reigns - 63

8. Bobby Roode - 62

9. Bray Wyatt - 41

10. (tie) AJ Lee - 39.5

10. (tie) Stephanie McMahon - 39.5


Last week was full of worthy moments.  Luckily for you, cSs has a section for each of them.  So freshen up on Night of ChampionsRawMain EventNXTSmackdownImpact, and ROH, then give us your favorite performance(s) of the week!

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