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Chris Jericho vs. Seth Rollins was original plan for Night of Champions 2014 before Vince McMahon changed his mind

While talking about finishing up his latest run in WWE on a recent edition of Talk is Jericho on Podcast One, Chris Jericho revealed that working with Randy Orton at the Night of Champions pay-per-view (PPV) this past Sunday night in Nashville wasn't originally the plan.

Instead, he was supposed to work with Seth Rollins until Vince McMahon, of course, changed his mind:

"Night of Champions, had a great match with Randy Orton. I really feel like the last couple weeks, between the cage match with Bray Wyatt and the match with Randy Orton at Night of Champions, were two of my best matches that I had on this run coming back. Always great to steal the show, and we did steal the show. Originally, I was supposed to work with Seth Rollins at Night of Champions. Vince changed it to Randy Orton and we had a really, really cool great chemistry. I love how he works. He's such a careful worker. His timing is immaculate, his selling is great. He's very over, he's got a lot of moves that are over so it really makes it a big difference to be in the ring with a pro like that. And we had a great finish, I really enjoyed it. You know, it's funny to hear some people go 'oh, it's so obvious that you were going to jump off the top rope and get RKO'd'. Yeah, sure, that's exactly what you all were thinking. I really don't buy that. Of course it happens, so you're like 'see, I told ya!' But I think when you're watching the match and the way that we built it and the way that it was, I think that was a great finish, a great surprise, and a great way for me to end my WWE run."

As noted, it worked out well in the end. Jericho vs. Orton was a strong match on a solid show, Rollins was left to brawl with the returning Dean Ambrose, and everyone went home happy.

Jericho would go on to say that he'll almost surely be back in WWE one day, and maybe even sooner than we think. Perhaps those rumors of a return for WrestleMania season early next year will ring true?

Stay tuned.

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