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Video proves that while it looks like AJ Lee, it's clearly NOT AJ Lee

Kai-J Lee?


Welcome back to another edition of Slapstick Saturday, my dear Cagesiders.

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee taking her clothes off, but I would rather focus on what happens when she puts her clothes ON. Not just her clothes, but other people's threads, as well.

Even Kane.

That almost looks like the time JBL tossed out mini-Taker.

But perhaps the best wardrobe swap came when she was feuding with Kaitlyn, which also included a humorous cameo from Big E. Langston. True, it was bogged down with that silly "secret admirer" angle, but still.

Bonus points for the foam muscles.

Not to be outdone. Kaitlyn would later get revenge by dressing up as her former friend, which would not only cost AJ her match against Natalya on Smackdown, but also see Lee get speared out of her boots.

Sorry Internet, that's clearly NOT AJ Lee.

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