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WWE NXT results, recap, reactions from September 25, 2014: Used, abused and without clues

The show went straight to the intro package, we're going straight to the recapping and reacting.

Segment One


  • The steady squashing of the Hype Man continues when Mojo Rawley charges right into another minute long match with Bull Dempsey that ends via flying headbutt.
  • Tyler Breeze doesn't appreciate Rawley interrupting his entrance, and he flat out won't stand for his putting his sweaty uggo hand on him, so Mojo gets thrown into the ring post to wrap up his latest less-than-stellar night.
  • Baron Corbin is a one-man wolfpack.
  • Despite dominating the action, Justin Gabriel gets caught with some deadly footwork and pinned by Prince Pretty.
  • Natalya catches up with William Regal to ask for a favor, and the General Manager grants her husband one last shot at Adrian Neville.  If Tyson Kidd fails to pin the NXT champ, he won't get another shot at the title until someone else holds it.


  • If you want to really appreciate the kind of work Sheamus and Cesaro gave us at Night of Champions and on Raw earlier this week, watch Mojo deliver high knees to Dempsey when he has him cornered.  They barely connect, and Bull doesn't move much to help his partner either.  The Rawley in particular has been in Developmental way too long for that to be acceptable.
  • As Flava Flav said, "Don't, don't, don't, don't...don't believe the Hype".  The only bad thing about the continued destruction of Rawley is that, with as much screen time as it's been given, it has to be an angle.  Which means it's going to stay on our televisions and other devices for another month or two, yet, at least.
  • It also hasn't allowed us to see anything more out of Bull.  My issues with his finisher aside, winning thirty second matches isn't really doing him any favors, either.
  • Really glad that they continue to move Breeze's seasonal residences around, but is a September move to Finland wise?  I think I liked his disdainful attack on Mojo more than this aspect of the gimmick, but it's close.  I do love Tyler's seasonal residences.
  • Part of me really wants them to make Corbin a werewolf.  Another part of me worries that with lines like "it's up to my kind to destroy your kind", it would be done as a Twilight gimmick.
  • Speaking of wolves, the Darewolf went back to more traditional long tights, but the pattern on them induced vertigo.  I really hope they eventually find a storyline role for Gabriel - he's a solid hand who is now doing jobs on all the Network exclusive shows.  Though his style aligns nicely with a good guy role, he's the most menacing seeming high flier they have.  I've always loved the way he perches above his opponent before delivering the 450 splash.  Give this man a tag partner and a push, at least on this show.
  • Breeze's super kick is now the Supermodel Kick, which is a nice touch.  Might be worth considering using that as a finisher with the Beauty Shot as a set-up move.
  • Swear I'm getting a turn vibe from the Mayor of Cutesville.  The character still screams arrogant heel, but from his basically taking a babyface beating throughout this match to the way the announce team was talking up his resilence and how he's proving to Gabriel and Tyson Kidd that he's not afraid to take punishment...
  • If you want to look as good as the old villain at 46, consider keeping a Paleo diet.  Regal's stipulation for Kidd's one more match (gimmick infringement...fact) for the NXT title is a smart one, and opens possibilities for his character and the title scene, win or lose.  Natalya being reintroduced to the story is not as welcome.  I hope it's a one-off appearance, because Tyson's angles really gained momentum when she left the picture.
Segment Two


  • Alexa Bliss has new music and very little wrestling ability.  Because of at least one of these things, she loses to Bayley.
  • B calls out the Women's champ, and Charlotte grants her a rematch because the Hugster has earned her respect - even though she knows that Bayley can't beat her.
  • Documentarian Colin Cassady records Carmella first day at the Performance Center, which is another embarrassing episode for his buddy Enzo Amore.
  • Things pick up for the Certified G when he grabs a handful of tights and a win over Marcus Louis and the wig/headgear combo the Legionnaire is rocking following his run-in with Carmella's hair removal cream at Takeover.
  • Natty's husband talks to himself about his credentials for another match for Neville's belt.


  • STOP CHANGING ENTRANCE THEMES!  It's been a while since one has been an improvement over the one it replaced (The Ascension's may be the last clear cut upgrade).  Bliss new one is horrible, and I don't like dropping the glitter blowing from her walkout, either.
  • That said, I wouldn't be too terribly disappointed if it was a while before we saw the spritely one again.  There's plenty to work with in her natural ability and presence, but she hasn't improved since debuting.  She handled the opening exchanges okay, and then things got really sloppy and disjointed.
  • Bayley almost makes this watchable by herself via the little things - I was especially struck by how she commits to losing her balance when Bliss ducked a clothesline attempt - but there's not too much she can do.  The Belly-to-Bayley looked really weak again.  I'm just not down with it as a finisher.
  • High-fiving an opponent while she has them locked in an armbar is a nice touch, but it should be done no more than once a match.  What is it will NXT Women using a "cute" spot like that repeatedly during the same bout?  Bayley did it before with the spinning on her grounded opponent, Becky Lynch Irish danced us all to nausea in her debut...I guess it Developmental nerves, or part of the process of trying new things, but it's strange that we don't see it from the men.
  • Both B and Charlotte have improved on the microphone a lot.  As much as I've enjoyed the progress of their feud, I'm really looking forward to some meaningful involvement from The Boss really soon.
  • Or B-A-W-S-E as Big E, or the Realest Guys in the Room, might spell it.  Big Cass remains the star of the pre-tapes for me...the best part of the training video was his delivery of "how you doin?" as a reaction to Carmella's ring gear.  And if anyone's wondering, I'm fine with Enzo's "treat 'em like dirt" approach to dating since he is clearly being portrayed as a fool when it comes to the fairer sex.
  • For the first time, I found myself wondering if less in-arena mic time might not be a good idea for Enzo & Cass.  Maybe it's that they didn't really break out any new material tonight.  The 3.14 line worked better the first time, and I didn't really get the pie bit that Colin did after it this week.  A little goes a long way, and I worry about burnout, especially on a show with such limited time with which to work.
  • Marcus Louis adopting Kurt Angle's method of dealing with the after effects of being the heel in a hair vs. hair scenario does nothing but endear him to me further.  He also looks like someone who could sell a stiff brawl a la Cesaro/Sheamus.  I can't quite put my finger on it, but I remain really high on the guy.
  • Thought they set-up a tag team match for Enzo & Cass against Les Legionnaires, with Marcus either turning on or abandoning Sylvester Lefort in return for his having let Louis lose his hair at Takeover.  Did they audible away from that, or did I fantasy book that while trying to figure out why I'm a Marcus Louis mark?
Segment Three / Main Event
  • Sami Zayn is a clear, level-headed dude who sees Kidd and Neville as desperate, dangerous men.  He's still gunning for the NXT title no matter who wins Tyson's latest rematch.
  • The Ascension work over Kalisto despite some occasional acrobatics from the tag champs, but they can't put the Lucha Dragons away.
  • In fact, when it looks like Konnor & Viktor might be able to recapture the tag belts, Hideo Itami appears to distract them and allow Kalisto to hit his finisher.  While Vik gets pinned, his big partner got knocked down for stepping to the Japanese asskicker.


  • No real comment on either Kidd or Zayn's promos.  I appreciate that they're just continuing on with their stories without any attempt to really swerve or shock us.  Their characters and the angle developed organically, and it should be allowed to proceed that way.  Just don't forget about Tyler.
  • Konnor & Viktor have dispelled any doubts that I had about their ability to work longer matches as WWE-style heels.  They slow things down to keep the pops for their opponents, but can still vary their power moves enough to keep the fans engaged when they're in control.  Call 'em up.
  • Kalisto landing on Viktor's shoulders in order to take him down from a standing position by rolling forward was the move of the night.  He really does things no one else in WWE can do.  His partner is doing great work too, and I think we finally have a Sin Cara that WWE can make money with for a while to come.
  • Our announcers tonight were Renee Young, Rich Brennan and Jason Albert.  I talked about my admiration for Brennan last week, and thank goodness he was here tonight.  Renee is obviously a Michael Cole protege, because the only thing she does more than mis-identify moves (not every rotating ground maneuver is an alligator roll) is spout the company line (did you guys know that Kalisto is like Rey Mysterio?).  It's not the worst thing in the world with a competent play-by-play announcer and color commentator flanking her, but it shouldn't be mistaken for her doing well at either of those roles.
  • Didn't like the way the end of the match was structured.  It made no sense for Sin Cara to tag Kalisto back in seconds after he had been face-in-peril for ten minutes.  It got them where they wanted, I guess, even if I don't really understand where that is.  The champs needed a distraction to retain, and then the monster heels who were winning get shown up by Itami again?

Solid if unspectacular wrestling in most cases with entertaining promos and out-of-ring segments.  I'm confused by some of the booking, which could mean they're doing some interesting thing, or could mean they don't know what they're doing.  Time will tell.  And I'll keep watching, because even okay shows are pretty darn good.

Grade: B

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