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WWE2K Video Playlist: Forget 'New Nation'...please let Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston and Big E play themselves

There are a lot of gems (and just A LOT of videos) in this playlist from 2K featuring performers who appear in WWE 2K15, responding to YouTube users who commented on Monday's first gameplay trailer.

My takeaway was pretty clear-cut, though. Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston and Big E need to be on my screens as a babyface stable STAT.

Seriously, I still can't decide whether I like Big E making fun of Woods for using Gail Kim's finisher or their disbelief at someone trying to make "Holy Cow on a house" happen more. But I do know that if E ever comes out with underboob tattoos, I will mark the f right out. If they're also product placement ads, my head might explode.

Skim through the whole list for Paul Heyman being Paul Heyman, a currently rare but still glorious Fandango sighting (his face is still symetrical, 24/7, even with a beard) and your daily dose of Damien Mizdow awesomeness.

But seriously, make the Smart/Athletic Friends happen PRONTO, WWE Creative.

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