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Jimmy Snuka's Cageside Evaluation

What you loved:

  1. Cage Jump - All-time classic highlight.
  2. Piper Feud - Possibly his best feud, with another all-time classic moment: getting hit in the head with a coconut during a Piper's Pit interview.
  3. High Flyer - With one of the best splashes ever, Snuka was ahead of his time coming off the top turnbuckle.
  4. Physique - During his prime, dude was ripped.
  5. Gimmick - Complete dedication; taunts, outfit, bare feet, all of it.

Best comment comes via Steve Sypa:

"I met Jimmy Snuka, when I was about four or five. I only have vague memories of it, but I still have the pictures laying around. He and the Ultimate Warrior were my favorite wrestlers at the time, so when Snuka was announced as part of the card at a local wrestling show, my dad got tickets. After the show, a bunch of the more well-known wrestlers that were there were doing meet-and-greet type things in the ring. My dad took me over to Snuka and I started crying- and they weren’t 'Oh my god, I’m so happy' tears, they were 'I am fucking terrified' tears. Don’t know why, but it seemed to make sense at the time."


What you loathed:

  1. Mic - Not just bad, he was downright horrible when it came to cutting promos, bradah.
  2. Legal Issues - Let's leave it at that.
  3. Streak Starter - Some of you put this under love, but one of his last televised moments was getting crushed by the Undertaker at WrestleMania VII.
  4. No Title - For whatever reason, he didn't get a chance at even one title run with the WWE.
  5. Push - Although extremely popular with the crowd he mainly worked mid-card during his time with WWE.

Best comment comes via Jimmy_MacUK:

"Almost non-existent mic skills, never got a mega push (maybe because of that), last WM moment was being smashed by the Undertaker (though it did start the Streak)."

On to the poll! With 181 votes, Jimmy Snuka's average score is 3.5.

Thanks, Cagesiders! Tomorrow's pick was one of the top cruiserweights in WCW.

Until then!

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