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Titus O'Neil's Cageside Evaluation

What you loved:

  1. Tag Team - Whether it's Slater Gator or Prime Time Players, Titus has a knack for working in the tag team division.
  2. Charisma - If you have followed him since (his original) NXT days, Titus has come a really long way in developing his personality. A natural, likeable style that has helped keep him on TV.
  3. Bark - We need an official spelling on this. From today's comments I saw: ORA, HURGUH, ERRUH, ARRA, and HOORA.
  4. Physique - Titus has always been in excellent condition and has the look that WWE loves.
  5. Mic - He's great at cutting promos, and does plenty of outside media work for the WWE.

Best comment comes via StuckInAfghanistan:

"Titus is one of the few people on the roster who genuinely seems to be enjoying his work. Whether he’s heeling it up or playing to the crowd, the guy has fun out there and it shows in his work, which sits in stark contrast to a lot of guys on the roster who look terrified of messing up promos and going off script. He’s also got a great look, tons of charisma and excellent size for a WWE worker. His perfect role would be as a primary mouthpiece/enforcer for a heel stable that would have two or three proper works in it that could hide his in-ring deficiencies."


What you loathed:

  1. In-Ring - Easy number one choice today from you guys today. He has a very limited moveset that rivals The Great Khali.
  2. Singles' Run - Titus asked to go solo, and was told it would be a sink or swim situation. Unfortunately he sank, and is currently on NXT, which is not a good thing for lackluster WWE Superstars.
  3. Age - The potential is there, but at 37, major improvements are unlikely. You guys felt he is perfect to move into a manager role over the next couple years.
  4. NXT - Speaking of his recent change, you guys don't like it, and want him gone. Titus vs. Itami, you know you want to see that!
  5. Slater Gator - The team itself isn't bad, but it reminds you guys of a watered down 3MB.

Best comment comes via Midnight Deeds:

"Love – Prime Time Players

Loathe – Past your prime time, player"

On to the poll! With 201 votes, Titus O'Neil's average score is 2.8

Thanks, Cagesiders! Tomorrow's pick has one of the best WWE highlights ever.

Until then!

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