Seth Rollins: The Most Dynamic Character in WWE Today

Yes, I said it - Seth Rollins honestly may be the most confusing and interesting character WWE has had in many, many years and that was cemented on Sept. 21, 2014, at Night of Champions in Nashville.

I have not a single damn idea where creative will go with "Public Enemy No. 1" after he destroyed John Cena's dreams and curb stomped the hired gun of the very group he is associated with. An hour or so prior, he was exchanging strikes with long time enemy Dean Ambrose and was taking credit for putting Roman Reigns on the shelf, something no one has been able to do.

He has the top three babyfaces and the WWE champion all likely wanting to rip his head off, and now he must answer to the man who has given him a golden ticket to his dreams -- all it cost was burying steel into his partner's backs.

He is easily most hated man in the WWE Universe is now that is true without a shadow of a doubt.

I can't recall one character with so many enemies and stories that need to be told. Did The Authority authorize this move to save themselves from Lesnar gaining too much power? Did they do it to ensure that John Cena wouldn't become champion? Did Seth Rollins go into business for himself?

See what I am saying?!

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