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Chris Jericho says 'goodbye...for now' to WWE Universe after Night of Champions; do you want him back?

Without much fanfare and absent a big kayfabe write-off, Chris Jericho departed from WWE and pro wrestling again last night (September 21, 2014) following his loss to Randy Orton at the Night of Champions pay-per-view (PPV).

He confirmed the poorly kept secret on Twitter (and with a video on the subscription-only It's a Secret app) today:

Speculation, partially driven by the lack of any real innovation in character or moveset and lackluster reviews of his matches during this latest return, has been that this could be the end of the road for Y2J.  A bestselling author, successful rock 'n' roll frontman and podcast host, the 43 year old legend probably doesn't need to be taking bumps to make his mortgage these days.

But, preceding and lending weight to his Twitter comments, it was on his podcast Talk is Jericho last week that he told listeners that his return to WWE would be "sooner than you think".

Is that a good thing?

I'm a Jericholic.  I have enjoyed this latest run while acknowldeging that it didn't set the world on fire or anything.  I'll watch him do just about anything, and that includes more pro wrestling.

But I'll admit that some of my initial fears from his appearance on the July 1st Raw - that age was creeping up on him, that his storylines for the summer didn't seem particularly well thought out - came true over the last three months.  His ring work, especially the first couple of matches with Bray Wyatt, was rusty and he just seemed to be shaking that off in the last few weeks.  His feuds - a rehash of John Cena's issues with Wyatt and a slapped together issue with Orton based more on ancient history than anything we've seen on screen this decade - were nothing special.

Ever the professional, Jericho returned because WWE needed a solid hand who could get a reliable babyface reaction when Daniel Bryan went on the shelf.  That demonstrates his approach to the business as much as his oft-stated desire to be making new stars at this stage of his career.  While I applaud him for that and think it was fun to have him back for a few months, I hope that the next time we see him, he and Creative have put a lot more thought into his role.

What do you think, Cagesiders?  How do you rate the Ayatollah of Rock 'n' Rollah's 2014 comeback?  Do you want an encore?  Let's hear from you below.

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