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John Cena post-WWE Night of Champions interview: Seth Rollins made the 'stupidest, stupidest decision'

Love, hate, or just "eh, what did you expect?" it, the end of last night (September 21, 2014)'s Night of Champions pay-per-view (PPV) left WWE Creative with a lot of possible directions in which to take the players involved in the finish.

In an after-show interview, now up exclusively at, the man who came up just short of beating WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar after interference by Mr. Money in the Bank Seth Rollins kept all of those directions alive.  John Cena's first order of business was to put over the man who has left his last two battles with him not only standing tall, but carrying the most prestigious belt in all of pro wrestling:

What are you going to do? What the hell can I say? So close. A second felt like a year out there. A match with Brock is different than anything and I know what it's like to come out on the losing end.

His most pointed comments for Rollins himself.  Cena was somewhat self-deprecating, referencing his failed cash-in against CM Punk in 2012.  More importantly though, his critique of the Architect's actions could be read as set-up for issues between Cena and Rollins, Lesnar and Rollins, or both:

I don't think Seth Rollins has any idea how foolish he is. I've told him face-to-face, I'll give him first dibs at a championship shot but he doesn't know what pinning Brock Lesnar is all about. And that is the stupidest, stupidest decision I have ever seen with anyone with that briefcase, and I rank pretty high in that category, so.

Will this be the last time we see Cena challenge Lesnar for the title?  The man known for never giving up didn't call for a rematch as he did after a night off in August, but he didn't sound like he was giving up the chase either:

But, you know, a good athlete, a good coach doesn't blame anybody. I didn't get it done today, bottom line. I didn't get it done. I was close, and I was a lot closer and I guess in that sort of category you measure improvement not necessarily by getting your hand raised but by a better performance. It's so much tougher than SummerSlam. I lost at SummerSlam. I won by disqualification tonight, that's... that's tough.

The interview capped an evening of Cena being Cena, in all the ways that his fans love and his detractors loathe.

Now that you've had time to digest what they did, what direction do you want to see WWE go in with the main belt, and the three men involved in last night's finish?

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